GDWG Web Meeting 2012-06-19

GSICS Web Meeting on Data Servers, Formats and Datacasting


  1. Functional specification of the EUMETSAT's bias plotting application
  2. NetCDF template for the GEO-LEO-IR products
  3. Data server configuration to handle local data subcategories
  4. Datacasting web feed protocol as a notification service



Guest Chair: Aleksandar Jelenak (NOAA)

EUMETSAT: Sebastien Wagner, Rob Roebeling, Bartolomeo Viticchie, Tim Hewison, Peter Miu

JMA: Masaya Takahashi, Yoshihiko Tahara, Tetsuro Kurita

NOAA: Fangfang Yu, Aleksandar Jelenak


The meeting followed the proposed agenda and the attendees did not suggest any additional item for the discussion.

The functional specification for the EUMETSAT bias plotting application was accepted without any modification. During the discussion on the global attributes and variables to support the plotting application slight differences were identified by the participants so the final decision was postponed until further discussion.

Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
WM20120619_01 Prepare a proposal on the set of netCDF global attributes and variables to support conversion to/from brightness temperature/radiance and submit to the GPRCs for final approval. (go to action) FangfangYu, AleksandarJelenak 03 Jul 2012 closed edit

Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
WM20120619_02 EUMETSAT to make the bias plotting application available to other GPRCs for testing. The application is still in the development phase. (go to action) PeterMiu   closed edit

The GEO-LEO-IR netCDF template was accepted without any additions. On the common values of the id global attribute all attendees adopted the proposal to use the file name. This makes the filename global attribute obsolete and will be removed from the template.

Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
WM20120619_03 Update the netCDF GEO-LEO-IR template by removing the filename global attribute and specify that file names are values of the id global attribute. (go to action) AleksandarJelenak 19 Jun 2012 closed edit

Regarding the THREDDS data server configuration and the need to accommodate the recently introduced local data subcategories, the agreement was to structure the display of the available datasets in the following manner:

GSICS Data server
  • folder GSICS Products
    • folder Algorithm Type (i.e. GEO-LEO-IR)
      • folder Product (NRTC or RAC)
        • folder Monitored/Reference Instruments
          • Maturity Level (Demo, Pre-operational, Operational)

Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
WM20120619_04 Provide THREDDS configuration files that incorporate the new display structure with local data subcategories (i.e. algorithm types). (go to action) AleksandarJelenak 31 Jul 2012 closed edit

On the final item on agenda, the Datacasting web feed protocol, all the attendees agreed that it could be useful service to have, not only for users but even for the GSICS community. Further specification how the protocol should be implemented on the GSICS data servers is to follow.

Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
WM20120619_05 Provide Datacasting implementation guideline document for further discussion. (go to action) AleksandarJelenak   open edit

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