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Microwave Imagers

Baseline Information on Sensors (Past and Present)

Monitoring Pages


  • Double Differencing
  • Simultaneous Conical Overpass (SCO)
  • Vicarious calibration

Key Scientific Papers

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Microwave Sounders

Baseline Information on Sensors (Past and Present)

Monitoring Pages


  • Double Differencing
  • Lunar Calibration
  • Simultaneous Nadirl Overpass (SNO)
  • Vicarious calibration

Key Scientific Papers

  1. Burgdorf, M., et al., “The Moon as a photometric calibration standard for microwave sensors”, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 9, 3467-3475, doi:10.5194/amt-9-3467-2016, 2016.
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Topics of Interest/Working Papers

Intercomparisons with Intrusions of the Moon in Deep Space View (Burgdorf, Yang)

In-orbit Microwave Reference Records (Zou)

RTM comparisons (Moradi)

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