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KMA COMS-IASI Cross calibration (NRT) Product

On 23 Feb 2016 KMA submitted a revised version of the COMS - IASI/AIRS product to the GCC. The files that were submitted are 1) Data File 2) ATBD 3) GPAF .

Daily NRT products can be found here

Masaya Takahashi provided an initial review. Manik Bali offered KMA to use GPPA tools in case they help.

About the product

By- Manik Bali and Hyesook Lee

This is a high value product. Product is well known in the community. Its use in improving SST has been demonstrated. Related work was published in the GSICS Quarterly see here. It has also been published in internationally accepted and respected journals. This product has been generated along the lines of existing GSICS products and GSICS members are familier with the methods used to generate this product. (see below)

Kim, D., M. H. Ahn, and M. Choi, 2015, Inter-comparison of the infrared channels of the meteorological imager onboard COMS and hyperspectral IASI data. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 32:7, 1-13, DOI: 10.1007/s00376-014-4124-1.

Park, E. B., K. S. Han, J. H. Ryu, and C. S. Lee, 2013, Sensitivity analysis of satellite-retrieved SST using IR data from COMS/MI. Korean Journal of Remote Sensing, 29:6, 589-593, DOI:10.7780/kjrs.2013.29.6.1.

Park, E. B., K. S. Han, J. M. Yeom, C. S. Lee, J. H. Ryu, H. Kim, and D. Kim, 2015, Effects of GSICS correction on estimation of sea surface temperature using COMS data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 36:4, 1026- 1037, DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2015.1007249

These publications can be treated as Validation and Impact reports and fulfill an important criterion.

So we can go with less number of reviewers.

Proposed GPPA

Typically three GPAT reviewers are required for a product to be accepted into GSICS Demo Phase. Considering that this product has been

1.Produced routinely at KMA here

2 Peer reviewed publications (listed above) on the product exist

3.Directly used for SST generation at KMA

This condition was relaxed to 2 reviewers. The two reviewers are Manik Bali and Masaya Takahashi. The recommendation of these two reviewers was given to the GRWG/GDWG Chairs who consented to the reccomended the acceptance of the product in the Demo Phase.

Currently Doheyong Kim is the Chair of the GRWG and procedurely he has to reccommend the acceptance of the product in Demo Phase. However since he is from KMA so to avoid any conflict of interest, we have sought Tim Hewison's (EUMETSAT, GRWG Vice Chair) recommendation.

Comments from Masaya (GPAT member) and Manik Bali

Ensure that the Metadata conventions are followed properly. Changes implemented. ( See comments here and response here)

The product is being produced routinely at KMA and pushed to the EUMETSAT GSICS Server ( here) .

Manik Bali Comments-> I conducted a review of the related publications of the product. Also reviewed the product ATBD and GPAF. I found this product extremely usefull to the community at large and would suppor the acceptance of the product into the Demo Phase.

Peter Miu

I also like to congratulate KMA on the COMS/MI product

Tim Hewison Comments-> Sent: 7 April 2017

I would like to congratulate KMA on their progress on this product, and thank Manik for putting together the Wiki topic summarising its progress through the GPPA.

My only additional comment is that it is not clear from the GPAF or ATBD whether any comparisons with AIRS have been included in the product. I would like to see this clarified.

Masaya Takahashi Comments-> Sent: 19 April 2017 07:12

First of all, I would like to congratulate KMA for your great progress on the COMS/MI product. (comments ATBD, GPAF)

Attached here please find my comments from a viewpoint of JMA GPAT member. It would be great if you could update the ATBD before entering Pre-operational Phase - so there is nothing special to do at this stage. On the other hand, I have two questions which I commented in the GPAF.

1) Do you expect that two COMS/MI products using both AIRS and IASI as references? We received only one product which refers IASI. As Tim pointed out, some comparison results may be requested for AIRS one.

2) Do you submit only Near Real Time Correction (NRTC)? If you also plan to submit Re-Analysis Corrections (RAC), would you please provide a sample product?

Once these questions are clarified, I would encourage COMS/MI infrared GSICS Corrections to enter Demonstration Phase.

Dohyeong Kim Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 7:25 PM
to Masaya, Tim, Lawrence, me, 우진, 이혜숙, Fangfang, Peter, xuna

Dear Masaya, Pete, Tim and Manik

Thank you very much for your very good comments and suggestions. As for the Masaya's questions: 1) Yes currently KMA provided COMS/MI products only using IASI as reference. KMA had already had products using both IASI and AIRS, thus we can provide both products together.
2) Yes we provided only NRTC. In addition to NRTC, we can provide RAC as well.

About submitting directly to Pre-Op

Point was discussed and it was thought that this could be applied to COMS (KMA) as well as AHI-IASI (JMA) intercomparision. The idea is to utilize past experience on reaching this stage ( NOAA and EUMETSAT have been) to quickly fulfill the GPPA requirements.

Product Submission Phase

  1. Fill out Sections I, II, III.1.A.1, and III.1.A.2 of the GSICS Product Acceptance Form (GPAF). Also, fill out Section III.1.B (ATBD) of the GPAF, but during the Submission Phase the ATBD needs only to be a preliminary version. The ATBD could be a journal article, technical memorandum or other documentation of the method used to make the product.
    • Who: Product provider
    • Done
  2. Submit the GPAF and preliminary ATBD for review to the GSICS Product Acceptance Team (GPAT) via the GSICS Coordination Center (GCC) Deputy.
    • Who: Product provider
    • Done
  3. Determine if the GPAF is filled out correctly and decide if the product theoretical basis is adequate and the product scope is within the GSICS domain.
    • Who: GPAT
    • Due: 6 weeks after the GPAF submission
    • Done
  4. GPAT feedback given to the Product provider.
    • Who: GCC Director
    • Due: 7 weeks from GPAF submission
    • Done
  5. Upload a sample file to a GSICS data server if GPAT feedback is affirmative.
    • Who: Product provider, GDWG Chairman
    • Due: One week after GPAT feedback regarding GPAF form submission
    • Done
  6. Determine if the sample file follows the GSICS netCDF and file naming conventions.
    • Who: GDWG Chairman
    • Due: 2 weeks after successful product sample file upload
    • Done
  7. Remediate any GPAF issues according to the GPAT feedback.
    • Who: Product provider, GCC Director
    • Due: Within 20 days after sending GPAT feedback to the Product provider
    • Done
  8. Once all issues are resolved, the product enters the Demonstration Phase.
    • Who: GCC Director in consultation with the GPAT
    • Due: Within 90 days of the GPAF submission
GCC Director Larry Flynn Via E-Mail:21 April 2017 informed the GSICS EP and KMA that the KMA product has been accepted in GSICS in Demo Phase( Message to EP here).
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