16/11Lunar model development
UTCChair: Tom Stone / Sebastien Wagner
12:00T. Stone / S. WagnerUSGS / EUMETSATIntroduction to the workshop and to the session160:10
12:10Toru KouyamaAISTLunar Calibration Activities at AIST - An update on SP Lunar Model16a0:20
12:30Sarah TaylorNPLThe Lunar Irradiance Model of ESA (LIME)16b0:20
12:50Matthijs KrijgerESSA new lunar irradiance model based on SCIAMACHY and RELAB data16c0:20
13:10Hugh KiefferCelestial ReasoningsSLIMED: a continuous lunar model algorithm using many instruments16d0:20
13:30Kevin TurpieUniversity of MarylandUpdate on the air-LUSI project to achieve absolute calibration with lunar models16e0:20
13:50All participantsDiscussion16f0:30
17/11Mission monitoring using Lunar Calibration
UTCChair: Sebastien Wagner
12:00Sebastien WagnerEUMETSATIntroduction to the session170:05
12:05Taichiro HashiguchiRESTECMonitoring GCOM-C Radiometric Performances Using Lunar Calibration17a0:20
12:25Masataka ImaiAISTLunar Calibration Activities at AIST - Lunar calibration and micro satellites17b0:20
12:45Maciej NenemanESTECLunar Calibration and Sentinel-3 OLCI17c0:20
Mireya Etxaluze Azkonaga
RALDeriving lunar irradiances from SLSTR lunar acquisition17d0:15
13:20Jason ChoiNOAA
S-NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS Instrument Trending using Lunar and Solar Diffuser Calibrations
13:40Fangfang YuNOAAABI lunar radiometric calibration17f0:20
14:00All participantsDiscussion17g0:30
18/11Microwave mini-session
UTCChair: Vinia Mattioli
12:00Vinia MattioliEUMETSATIntroduction to the session and discussion180:05
12:05Roberto BonsignoriEUMETSATIn-Orbit Verification of MHS Spectral Channels Co-Registration Using the Moon18a0:20
12:25Martin BurgdorfUniversit├Ąt HamburgCalibration and characterisation of microwave sounders with the Moon18b0:20
12:45Yang Hu (Tiger)University of MarylandLunar Disk Integrated Microwave Brightness Temperature from 23 to 183 GHz18c0:20
13:05Francesco de AngelisEUMETSATFuture EUMETSAT Microwave Missions and Plans for Making Use of Lunar Observations18d0:20
13:25Laura Le BarbierCNESMoon study for IASI instruments inter-comparisons and absolute calibration18e0:20
13:45Flavio Iturbide-SanchezNOAAPotential lunar cal/val activities for next-generation GEO IR sounder18f0:15
14:00All participantsDiscussion18g0:30
19/11Mission monitoring using Lunar Calibration / Alternative usage of lunar imagery
UTCChair: Sebastien Wagner
12:00Sebastien WagnerEUMETSATIntroduction to the session and discussion190:05
12:05Arata OkuyamaJMALunar Calibration and Himawari-8 AHI monitoring19a0:20
12:25Tae-Hyeong OhKMAGK2A AMI Mission Monitoring Using Lunar Calibration19b0:20
12:45All participantsDiscussion19c0:20
13:05Jason ChoiNOAA
NOAA-20 VIIRS Initial On-orbit BBR and MTF Estimations Using the Scheduled Lunar Images
13:25Constantine LukashinNASAARCSTONE: Calibration of Lunar Spectral Reflectance from Space19e0:20
13:45Stephen MaxwellNISTSome update on the Mauna Loa LUSI project 19f0:15
14:00All participantsDiscussion and concluding remarks19g0:30