GRWG Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting 2018-01-12, 1200 -1330 UTC

GSICS Web Meeting on Microwave Sub-Group


1. Welcome, new members and general business - Ralph Ferraro (5 min)

2. Last meeting action items/update (some are found in agenda topic 3) (ALL - 15 min)
  • Update the Microwave Wiki Workspace further (ALL)
  • Redefine and issue GSICS MW user requirements (Manik, Ralph, Karsten, Cheng-Zhi, Masaya)
  • Contact Dave Kunkee regarding MW sensor definitions (Ed Kim)
  • Try to get a NOAA commitment to support SNO/GRUAN and GPSRO colocation "targeting" for MW sensors (Ralph and Tony)
3. Status of OPEN 2017 GDWG+GRWG Action Items (ALL - 30 min)
  • GMW.2017.6b.1 - ATMS on JPSS-1 - E. Kim/M. Liu
  • GMW2017.6c.1 and 6d.1 - Feasibility of FCDR's as products - Karsten, Cheng-Zhi
  • GMW2017.63.1 - NIST calibration reference - D. Houtz
  • GMW2017.6f.1 - MW Sensor Inventory - J. Park
  • GMW2017.6f.2 - GRUAN - T. Reale
  • GMW2017.6g.1 - MW RTM comparison - I. Moradi
4. Status of new Action from GSICS EP: EP-18.02 "GRWG to assess the utilization of RO for MW instrument monitoring purposes" - C-Z. Zou (10 min)

5. Planning for MW session at 2018 GRWG+GDWG meeting - R. Ferraro (10 min)

6. Science/Agency Reports (10 min each)
  • ICDR's from ATMS (C-Z. Zou)
7. AOB, wrap up, next meetings, etc.


Ralph noted that there are some new members of the team, including Mark Liu (NOAA), Xailei Zou, Lin Lin and John Yang (all from the Univ. of Maryland), Dazhen Gu (NIST).

From the ongoing action items, we heard from:
  • Manik Bali (ongoing discussions related to GMW.2017.6c.1 and 6d.1 - noted below) presented latest discussions regarding GSICS MW products and deliverables, where the CDR's from MSU/AMSU and SSM/I - SSMIS were considered good candidates. In going forward, it was felt that the best approach would be to deliver "best practices" from these groups (e.g., SNO algorithms, colocation data sets, intersatellite calibration coefficients, etc.). Details found in his slides.
  • Ed Kim and Ralph discussed the MW sensor database and the status of the attribute definitions (related to GMW.2017.6f.1 noted below). Ed is to follow up with Dave Kunkee
Regarding the OPEN action items assigned to us from the 2017 GDWG+GRDWG:
  • GMW.2017.6b.1 - ATMS on JPSS-1 - E. Kim/M. Liu
    • Mark Liu and Ed Kim provided a nice update on ATMS on JPSS-1 (now NOAA-20). Details are provided in their slides. The ATMS sensor is performing at or above expected performance level. We can consider this action CLOSED, but we would like to have periodic updates from them at future MW subgroup meetings.
  • GMW2017.6c.1 and 6d.1 - Feasibility of FCDR's as products - Karsten, Cheng-Zhi
    • See discussion related to Manik above and the action below. This action is still OPEN.
  • GMW2017.63.1 - NIST calibration reference - D. Houtz
    • Derek Houtz gave an update regarding the NIST calibration target that is being finalized for JPSS-2 ATMS. Details in his slides. We can consider this action CLOSED, but we would like to have periodic updates from NIST.
  • GMW2017.6f.1 - MW Sensor Inventory - J. Park
    • Ralph showed the database than Jun Park has completed (see attached XLS file). Discussion on next steps (including the attribute definitions). It was suggested that we follow up with WMO (J. Lefuille and S. Bojinski) regarding WMO/OSCAR data base/query that is apparently progressing. Ralph will do this.
We were assigned a new action from GRWG via the GSICS EP - EP-18.02 "GRWG to assess the utilization of RO for MW instrument monitoring purposes". Through a cooperative WG activity, Cheng-Zhi lead the development of a white paper summarizing the topic (in the attachments). A very good discussion ensued, including comments from Steve English regarding the null space for RO (see Tradowsky et al. 2017 where this issue is discussed in the context of using RO to bias correct radiosondes). When this occurs difference between RO and radiances may reflect information in the radiances rather than a bias. He suggested the group consider updating the paper to reflect this. Also he recommended to consider comparing the radiances to radiances computed from NWP analyses (which have assimilated the RO observations) at the RO locations rather than radiances computed from RO retrievals. This action is still OPEN.

Ralph lead the discussion regarding our planning for MW session at 2018 GRWG+GDWG meeting. Several factors are contributing to making this difficult to plan for, including time zone differences, remote participation and uncertainty on who will be able to travel to Shanghai (see his slides). It appears that there may be enough in person participation to hold a session and perhaps we could have some remote presentations but not conduct the session remotely - we will have to see what CMA can provide. For time of the session, hosting it late afternoon/early evening in Shanghai might be the most attractive for global participation.

Lastly, we heard from Cheng-Zhi Zou regarding the use of ATMS in the atmopsheric sounding CDR's. Details in his slides. Some take away points are that ATMS can be used in the time series for decadal trending, however, there are some concerns with calibration changes, etc. A reprocessed S-NPP ATMS data set is need.

Next meeting in the April time-frame (post 2018 Annual Meeting).

Action Items

  1. Manik to work with Karsten and Cheng-zhi on making progress on the CDR "best practices"
  2. Ed to follow up with Dave Kunkee (update - Ed has sent email to Dave...awaiting response)
  3. Ralph to follow up with WMO regarding new capabilities of OSCAR data base.
  4. Steve to provide the group with recent paper regarding some issues related to GPSRO retrievals (update - Steve has sent this out).
  5. Ralph/Cheng-zhi to "socialize" the white paper related to EP-18.02 again and update it based on discussions from this meeting.
  6. Ralph will develop a tentative MW session and discuss with planning committee at their January 30 telecon.


Guest Chair: R. Ferraro


CNR:S. Laviola

ECMWF:S. English

EUMETSAT: T. Hewison



JAXA: M. Kachi

JMA: M. Takahashi

KMA: M. Gu, E. Kim

NASA: E. Kim

NIST: D. Houtz

NOAA: R. Ferraro, C-Z. Zou, M. Liu,

University Affiliates:M. Burgdorf, M. Bali, J. Luo, J. Yang, R. Kroodsma

-- RalphFerraro - 06 Dec 2017

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GPSRO_As-A_Reference_27Dec2017.docxdocx GPSRO_As-A_Reference_27Dec2017.docx manage 90 K 09 Jan 2018 - 16:17 RalphFerraro GPSRO Position Paper
Houtz_MW_GSICS_01122018.pdfpdf Houtz_MW_GSICS_01122018.pdf manage 290 K 11 Jan 2018 - 14:36 RalphFerraro Houtz Slides
MW-SubGroup-12Jan2018.pdfpdf MW-SubGroup-12Jan2018.pdf manage 189 K 09 Jan 2018 - 17:02 RalphFerraro Ferraro Slides
MW_User_Feedback_12Jan2018.pptxpptx MW_User_Feedback_12Jan2018.pptx manage 747 K 12 Jan 2018 - 05:08 ManikBali Discussion on User Needs
Microwave Sensors_JPark-1January2018.xlsxxlsx Microwave Sensors_JPark-1January2018.xlsx manage 21 K 02 Jan 2018 - 17:07 RalphFerraro Microwave Sensor Database
Zou_GSICS_MW_01122018.pptppt Zou_GSICS_MW_01122018.ppt manage 3 MB 05 Jan 2018 - 14:56 RalphFerraro Cheng-Zhi Zou Slides
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