GSICS References

GSICS in-orbit References are in-orbit instruments that are highly stable instruments, that can help in monitoring other in-orbit instruments when compared with. Below is a table with references for each channel.

Channel Reference Instrument/Record Period Version Status Major Events GSICS Maturity
Infrared IASI-A Deorbiting
IASI-B Operational
IASI-C Operational
NOAA-SNPP/CrIS Operational Change of Electronics
NOAA-20/CrIS Operational
NOAA-20/ATMS SDR Version
  • Channel
  • Reference Instrument
  • Period ( of best reference)
  • Version: The version of records that is best recommended ( can be more than one )
  • Status: Most recent status of the reference instrument that can directly impact inter-calibration outcomes.
  • Major Event: Major events during the best lifetime of the reference instrument
  • GSICS Maturity: Three colors denoting ( Green: If GSICS has formally designated it as GSICS Reference, Yellow: If recommended as a GSCICS reference ).

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Likun Wang NOAA IR Reference Sensor Traceability and Uncertainty 3q

Manik Bali et a. NOAA Selecting GSICS References: IR, VIS and MW 3e
Related Decisions

D.GIR.2019.7k.1 All agencies to switch to IASI-B asap as Anchor reference for NRTC and RAC products.
D.GIR.2018.4w.1 CrIS accepted as a reference on the basis of a positive answer to all the above questions.
D.GVNIR.2017.8u.1 S-NPP/VIIRS a GSICS inter-calibration reference.
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