1 §I Product Provider Information Product provider t1=0
§II.1 Brief Product Description
§II.2 Product Scope within GSICS
§II.3 Product function and performance specifications
§III.1.A.1 Adherence to GSICS file naming standard
§III.1.A.2 Adherence to GSICS file format convention
§III.1.B Preliminary ATBD
2 Submit GPAF and preliminary ATBD
to GCC Deputy for review to GPAT
Product provider t2=0

Determine if GPAF filled out correctly.
Decide if product ABTD is adequate.
Decide if product within GSICS scope.
GPAT t2+6wk
4 GPAT feedback given to Product provider GCC Director t3+1wk
5 Upload sample file to GSICS data server Product provider
GDWG Chair
6 Determine if sample file follows GSICS conventions GDWG Chair t5+2wk
7 Remediate any GPAF issues according to GPAT feedback Product provider,
GCC Director
8 Once all issues resolved, product enters Demonstration Phase GCC Director t2+90d


9 Notify Exec Panel about Product entering Demonstration Phase GCC Director t8+2wk
10 Arrange routine upload of Product to a GSICS data server
Agree on file retention policy

GDWG Chair,
GRWG Chair,
Product provider
11 Notify GSICS users and invite feedback from them GCC Director t10
12 §III.1.B Complete full ATBD - Submit to GCC Director Product provider t8+3m
§III.1.C Product traceability to standards - Submit to GCC Director
13 Review submitted documents (ATBD and product traceability to standards)

14 Remediate any document issues according to the GPAT and user feedback Product provider t13+1m
15 §III.2.A Radiative transfer models Product provider t8+6m
§III.2.B Cal/val supporting measurements
16 Examine submitted documents
(radiative transfer models and cal/val supporting measurements)
GPAT t15+1m
17 Collect and disseminate user feedback regarding product's data usability and format GCC Director t8+6m
18 Remediate any document or data issues according to GPAT and user feedback

Product provider
GCC Director
19 Make consensus decision whether to continue Product acceptance process GPAT t18+2w
20 Notify Executive Panel of status of the Product's acceptance process GCC Director t19+2w
21 §III.3.A Product Quality Documents (Uncertainty and Traceability) Product provider t8+10m
22 Examine the submitted Product Quality Document GPAT t21+1m
23 Remediate any document issues according to GPAT feedback Product provider t22+1m
24 Once all issues are resolved, Product enters Pre-operational Phase GCC Director t8+1y


25 Send notification and GPAT Product recommendations to Exec Panel GCC Director t24+2w
26 Exec Panel review GPAT recommendations and send feedback to GCC Director Exec Panel t25+6w
27 GCC Director notifies Product provider about Executive Panel feedback GCC Director t26+2w
28 §III.2.C Analysis software documentation Product provider t24+3m
§III.2.D Product version control plan
§III.3.B Operations and distribution plan
§III.3.C Users' Guide
29 Examine submitted documents + Provide feedback
(product version control plan, operations and distribution plan, and user's guide)
GPAT t28+1m
30 Remediate any documentation and overall product issues following Exec Panel and GPAT feedback Product provider t29+1m
31 Review remediation material and decides if requirements are now satisfied.
Send final recommendation to the GCC Director.
GPAT t30+3w


32 GCC Director notifies Exec Panel that product has satisfied all requirements to enter Operational Phase GCC Director t31+1w

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