Roles And Responsibilities of GSICS Working Group and Sub-Group Chairs

These roles and responsibilities were reviewed at the 2014 GRWG/GDWG meeting and discussed by the EP-15 Executive Panel and subsequent web meeting.

GRWG Chair

The GRWG chair is designated for 3 years (renewable) with a primary role of organisation, coordination, moderation and communication to ensure the GSICS Research Working Group fulfills its role as defined in its Terms Of Reference. Specifically, the GRWG chair shall:
  • Coordinate development of inter-calibration products and related scientific issues,
    • with delegation to sub-groups as appropriate,
    • with a view to promote common standards and best practices
  • Schedule and chair the GRWG session and plenary session of the annual GRWG-GDWG meeting and monthly web meetings, acting as moderator. In coordination with GDWG and sub-group chairs:
    • define agenda,
    • approve invitation of non-members,
    • agree conclusions, actions and recommendations from the meetings, and
    • organize their follow up
  • Represent the GRWG with external parties as necessary, coordinate with relevant projects
    • to identify & implement collaborative activities
  • Report to Executive Panel
  • The chair is assisted by a vice chair
    • who can replace the chair in cases of unavailability, and
    • who will ultimately become the next chair.

GRWG Sub-Group Chairs

The role of GRWG sub-group chairs includes:
  • Understanding users’ requirements for inter-calibration products
  • Identifying existing products that could meet those requirements
  • Providing direction in the development of new inter-calibration products and enhancement of existing ones
  • Promoting these products towards operational status
    • by coordinating reviews through the GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance
  • Coordinating with other groups (such as WGCV Sub-Groups) to generate standards and best practices
  • Define and chair portions of the agenda of the GRWG meeting, if possible
  • Chair occasional teleconference meetings on specific topics of interest to the Sub-Group
  • Agree actions and recommendations from above meetings, and follow these up
  • Report to GRWG and Exec Panel, if possible

GDWG Chair

The role of GDWG chair is primarily one of organisation, coordination, moderation and communication to ensure the GSICS Data management Working Group fulfills its role as defined in its Terms Of Reference. Specifically, the GDWG chair shall:
  • Coordinate development of technology to catalog, distribute and visualise GSICS products and communicate with GSICS users
  • Coordinate technical support for the activities of the GRWG
  • Coordinate the indification of existing standards to be adopted by GSICS Porducts, or the definition of GSICS-specific ones
  • Schedule the GDWG annual meeting and define agenda - in coordination with GRWG and sub-group chairs
  • Chair the GDWG parts of Annual Meeting, acting as moderator
  • Schedule regular teleconference meetings to continue above developments during the year
  • Agree actions and recommendations from above meetings, and follow these up
  • Report to Executive Panel
  • Coordinate with external projects to identify and implement colaborative activities

Vice Chairs

The role of working group vice-chairs is to:
  • Assist the chair - e.g. in taking minutes of meetings
  • Deputise for the chair
    • if chair is not available
    • or to avoid potential conflicts of interest - e.g. in reviewing own products
  • Take over from the chair after fixed term

Selection of Working Group & Sub-Group Chairs and Vice Chairs

  • The Executive Panel set the principle that every chair should be a nominated member of their respective Working Groups (GRWG or GDWG), and, therefore, a representative of a GSICS member organisation.
  • The nomination of chairs is open to any such member and should be accompanied by a statement of intent.
  • The selection of chairs is by consensus agreement between members of the respective working group or sub-group.
  • In event of no consensus being achievable, a poll of members' opinions shall be taken and the decision shall be refered to the Executive Panel.
GSICS Coordination Center (GCC) Roles and Responsibilities
  • Support the establishment of GSICS product and services definitions and product evaluation processes, including product theoretical basis, quality assurance, data protocols, and associated documentation;
  • Run baseline algorithm for GEO-LEO and LEO-LEO inter-calibration for all operation weather satellite instruments for the purpose of product quality assurance??
  • Make recommendations to, and facilitate communication between,GRWG and GDWG during their efforts to develop, implement, organize, and direct GSICS research and data management projects;
  • Support GSICS end-to-end demonstration activities;
  • Track and make updates to GSICS Operations Plan;
  • Design and maintain GCC web site;
    • Including Wiki and GSICS Product Catalog?
  • Publish the GSICS Quarterly newsletter, and supports development of other GSICS publications;
  • Support Executive Panel in finding GSICS data and information users, and recruiting new GSICS Member.
  • Interface with GSICS Users
    • Organise GSICS Users Workshops
    • Operate GSICS User Messaging service
    • Provide First Point of Contact for GSICS Product Catalog?
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