-- YuanzhengYao - 01 Jul 2015

Steps to fix "NOAA data sets not updated"

1. get the source code from /net/orbit270l/disk1/pub/GSICS/GSICS_SVN/preOp

svn import ~/GSICS file:///net/orbit270l/disk1/pub/GSICS/GSICS_SVN/preOp

2. ask Fangfang re-instat the ssh access cs.star.nesdis.noaa.gov

3. ask IT group add Perl module Expect on rhw1100

To Do list: write a scrip to copy/sort data sets from cs:/ftp/upload to cs:/ftp/gsics/....

standardize the code so they will not depend on ~/fyu


THREDDS xlink Problem, suggestions sent to IT: see email on 07/01/15

Broken links that need to be fixed, sent email to Mark Romer:

http://gsics.desdis.noaa.gov/gsics, link to THREDDS Data Server should point to http://gsics.desdis.noaa.gov/thredds/catalog.html, not http://gaics.desdis.noaa.gov:8080/thredds.

GPRC: Update the NOAA GPRC

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