Joint web meeting of GRWG/GDWG

To review outcomes of UsersWorkshop2009 and Exec Panel and start planning workplan for 2010 and preparing for the next GSICS meeting in Toulouse.

  Item Lead Time
1 Welcome and Adoption of Agenda Volker 5min
2 Exec Panel wash-up - presentation of highlights Volker 20min
3 User's Workshop wash-up - review of actions Tim 20min
4 Preparation for Toulouse meeting - invite experts Volker 5min
5 Update on ATBD documentation on Twiki Aleksandar 10min
6 Definition of netCDF files for collocation datasets and correction coefficients Hiromi 10min
7 Updates on GSICS Data and Products Servers Pete 5min
8 Product acceptance procedure Bob 15min
9 A strategic overview of methods for solar channel inter-calibration Dave 10min
10 Dates Of Next Meetings: Solar Strategy, Toulouse preparation Volker 10min
11 AOB All 10min

Meeting Minutes


EUMETSAT: Volker Gärtner
Tim Hewison Marianne König Pete Miu      
KMA: Dohyeong Kim            
CMA: Yuan Li Zhiguo Rong Jingjing Liu Yong Zhang Jingqing Wang    
NOAA: Xiangqian Wu Bob Iacovazzi Aleksandar Jelenak Fangfang Yu      
JMA: Tomoo Ohno Takeshi Otomo Kenji Date Hiromi Owada Arata Okuyama Ryuichiro Nakayama Yuki Kosaka
NASA: Dave Doelling            


  • Invitations to external experts for the Feb 2010 GSICS meeting in Toulouse will be limited to 1 for ATSR and 1 for microwave instruments, plus 1 or 2 from the ARA group of Chedin and Scott.
  • T. Hewison's proposal to invite David Llewellyn-Jones (University of Leicester) as an ATSR expert was supported.
  • It is more difficult to identify a single expert to represent both microwave sounder and imager inter-calibration. This will be done by email outside the meeting.
  • It was agreed that GPRCs are free to include additional data in the GSICS Correction Coefficients files for their instruments (for example Look-Up Tables to convert counts to brightness temperatures) SO LONG AS the basic regression-based correction coefficients (and their covariances) are specified in the file in terms of radiances.
  • It was agreed to refer to the instrument for which calibration corrections are being produced as the Monitored Instrument (MON for short) and the instrument providing the calibration reference as the Reference Instrument (REF for short).
  • The question of whether correction coefficients applicable to extended time periods should be included in a single file will be defered until the Toulouse meeting (as opposed to including results for only 1 time period in each file).
  • In terms of the GSICS Product Acceptance Procedure (GPPA), each instrument pair being considered forms a new product and each new product must be complete the GPPA.
  • The GPPA should be tested with a "guinea pig" product. Progress will be reported at the Toulouse meeting. The outcome of the test of the GPPA should be reported to the next GSICS Exec Panel in April 2010.
  • A standard acknowledgement paragraph should be provided with every GSICS product, which authors should be obligued to include when they publish any results which use GSICS products.


  1. X. Wu to check with M.Goldberg whether minutes of UsersWorkshop2009 were approved by Executive Panel for circulation to attendees.
  2. D. Blumstein to advise whether it will be possible for participants to attend the Toulouse meeting remotely by teleconference.
  3. D. Blumstein to issue invitation to David Llewellyn-Jones (University of Leicester) identify an ATSR calibration expert to attend Toulouse meeting.
  4. T. Hewison, B. Iacovazzi, X. Wu and F. Weng to identify and invite external expert able to present issues of microwave instrument inter-calibration by teleconference at Toulouse meeting.
  5. T. Hewison to circulate proposal for the number of ATBD steps to all GRWG and GDWG for approval/objection by 8 December 2009.
  6. A. Jelenak to provide demonstration of Wiki-based ATBD documentation system at Toulouse meeting.
  7. B. Iacovazzi to resend GSICS Products Roster to GRWG and GDWG for review at Tolouse.
  8. T. Hewison to set up a new web meeting dedicated to the discussion of the strategy for inter-calibration of solar channels. This should be held on 8 December 2009. B.J. Sohn and CNES should be invited to attend.
  9. V. Gärtner to set up another web meeting to review the agenda in preparation for the Toulouse meeting. A tentative date of 26 Jan 2010 was set for this meeting.
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
01_Agenda.PPTPPT 01_Agenda.PPT manage 66 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:44 TimHewison Agenda
02_ExecPanelHighlights.pptppt 02_ExecPanelHighlights.ppt manage 78 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:45 TimHewison Highlights of Executive Panel
03_UsersWorkshopSummary.pptppt 03_UsersWorkshopSummary.ppt manage 67 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:45 TimHewison Summary of 2009 GSICS Users' Workshop
04_ToulouseMeeting.pptppt 04_ToulouseMeeting.ppt manage 24 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:46 TimHewison Preparation for Toulouse Meeting
05_WikiATBDUpdates.pptppt 05_WikiATBDUpdates.ppt manage 46 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:49 TimHewison Updates on Wiki-based ATBD Documentation
06_DefinitionOfNetCDF.pptppt 06_DefinitionOfNetCDF.ppt manage 88 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:50 TimHewison Definition of netCDF files for collocation datasets and correction coefficients
07_Updates_on_GSICS_Server.pptppt 07_Updates_on_GSICS_Server.ppt manage 103 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:51 TimHewison Updates on GSICS Data and Products Servers
08_ProductAcceptanceProcedure.pptppt 08_ProductAcceptanceProcedure.ppt manage 15 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:51 TimHewison Product acceptance procedure
09_Stawman_Plan_for_Inter-Calibration_of_Solar_Channels.pptppt 09_Stawman_Plan_for_Inter-Calibration_of_Solar_Channels.ppt manage 682 K 30 Nov 2009 - 13:51 TimHewison A strategic overview of methods for solar channel inter-calibration
Comparison_netCDF_20091130.xlsxls Comparison_netCDF_20091130.xls manage 82 K 30 Nov 2009 - 07:37 HiromiOwada Spreadsheets of netCDF comparison updated on 30 Nov. (only for the reference)
Definition_of_netCDF_JMA.pptppt Definition_of_netCDF_JMA.ppt manage 88 K 30 Nov 2009 - 07:34 HiromiOwada Definition of netCDF files for collocation datasets and correction coeffients
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