GSICS Meetings and Conferences

This is a central place for information on our meetings and conferences. Each event must be in a separate topic with a link provided here. Any meeting material (minutes, presentations, etc.) must be uploaded on that event's topic.

Web Meetings, Joint Working Group Meeting & Users' Workshops

Date Group Topics
2009-01-28/30 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting at JMA, Tokyo
2020-01 GDWG Progress Meeting
2019-?? GVNIR - D.Doelling Solar Spectra
2019-?? GVNIR - S.Wagner PICS data extraction and sharing
2019-?? GVNIR - D.Doelling Extension of DCC method to NIR
2019-?? GVNIR - D.Doelling Solicit inputs from all GPRCs on preferred sites to be characterized by CLARREO Pathfinder
2019-?? GVNIR - D.Doelling Plan journal paper on DCC method
2019-?? GVNIR - B.Fougnie Rayleigh scattering calibration
2019-?? GUV - R.Munro Ultraviolet Sub-Group web meeting
2019-?? GIR - T.Hewison Review different GEO-LEO IR inter-calibration algorithm evolutions
2019-?? GRWG - R.Roebeling/T.Hewison Reprocessing/recalibration Workshop planning
2019-?? GRWG - X.Wu MTF characterization on the moon
2021-03-dd VISNIR/Annual In lieu of Annual Meeting
2021-03-dd IR/Annual In liu of Annual Meeting
2021-03-dd Plenary In liu of Annual Meeting
2021-03-29/04-02 GRWG/GDWG Virtual Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting
2021-02-18 GRWG Planning 2021 GRWG/GDWG annual meeting
2021-02-16 GRWG MW Subgroup - Q. Lu/Q. Liu Microwave subgroup web meeting
2021-01-21 GRWG MW Subgroup - Q. Lu/Q. Liu Microwave subgroup web meeting
2021-01-13 GIR - Likun Wang Investigation 3.9 µm bias
2020-11-16/19 GSICS/CEOS 3rd Joint GSICS/CEOS Lunar Calibration Workshop
2020-10 GDWG GDWG Kick off 2020
2020-08-12 GRWG+GDWG - T.Hewison/A.Heidinger Scoping ISCCP-NG - GSICS interactions
2020-06-24 GIR - Likun Wang Refining Inter-Calibration algorithm and other Topics
2020-06-18 GRWG ECMWF Workshop on Error treatment
2020-05-08 EP- Chair Mitch Goldberg EP Preparatory Meeting
2020-04-23 GVNIR-D. Doelling VISNIR Meeting Part-2
2020-04-16 GRWG-F. Yu Annual Calibration Report
2020-03-19 GIR - Likun Wang GEO-LEO inter-calibeation status and other topics
2020-03-18 GRWG MW Subgroup - Q. Lu/Q. Liu In lieu of annual meeting
2020-03-18 GVNIR -Dave Doelling In lieu of annual meeting
2020-03-17 Plenary meeting - Larry Flynn In lieu of annual meeting
2020-02-11 GRWG/GDWG Postponing 2020 GRWG/GDWG annual meeting
2020-01-22 GRWG/GDWG Planning 2020 GRWG/GDWG annual meeting (Second)
2019-12-10 GVNIR - T.Stone/S.Wagner 3rd Lunar Calibration Workshop Planning
2019-11-22 GRWG/GDWG - X.Hu Planning 2020 GRWG/GDWG annual meeting
2019-11-19 GRWG MW Subgroup - Q. Lu/Q. Liu Microwave subgroup web meeting
2019-11-01 Users 2019 GSICS Users Workshop
2019-10-17 GRWG - F.Yu GEO-GEO inter-comparison algorithms
2019-09-09/11 GSICS/CEOS SI-Traceable Space-based Climate Observing System Workshop
2019-08-22 GIR - L. Wang Hyperspectral Sounder Inter-Comparison
2019-08-08 GCC- L. Flynn/M.Bali Planning GSICS Users Workshop 2019
2019-07-23 GRWG MW Subgroup - Q. Lu/Q. Liu Microwave subgroup web meeting
2019-05-07 GRWG MW Subgroup - R. Ferraro Microwave subgroup web meeting
2019-03-04/08 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting - Frascati, Italy
2019-01-23 GDWG - M.Takahashi Progress meeting on GDWG activities
2019-01-17 GRWG MW Subgroup - R. Ferraro Microwave subgroup web meeting
2018-11-14 GIR - T.Hewison IR Reference Uncertrainty and Traceability Report (IRRefUTable)
2018-11-13 GRWG + GDWG Planning 2019 Annual Meeting
2018-10-24 GRWG MW Subgroup - R. Ferraro Microwave subgroup web meeting
2018-09-13 GRWG - T.Hewison Planning a GSICS/CEOS-WGCV Workshop on SI-traceable reference instruments
2018-09 GCC - M.Bali Requirements for sharing SNO predictions and/or tools
2018-07-18 GRWG MW Subgroup - R. Ferraro Microwave subgroup web meeting
2018-07-17 GRWG + GDWG Exec Panel Debrief
2018-07-05 GVNIR - D.Doelling Select reference bands and calibration processing version for S-NPP/VIIRS reference dataset
2018-06-05 GIR - L.Wang Comparisons of gap-filling methods
2018-05-22 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting
2018-05-08 GRWG - D.Kim GEO-GEO comparison and contribution to IOGEO
2018-03-19/23 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting - Shanghai, China
2018-01-30 GRWG + GDWG Planning 2018 Annual Meeting(2nd meeting)
2018-01-12 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave Subgroup web meeting
2017-12-14 GRWG IR Subgroup Migration of IR Reference from IASI-A to -B + Alternative Regression (Tim Trent)
2017-11-21 GRWG + GDWG Planning 2018 Annual Meeting + SI-traceable Reference Workshop
2017-11-13/16 Joint GSICS/IVOS Second Joint GSICS-IVOS Lunar Calibration Workshop - Xi'an, China
2017-11-08 GDWG Progress meeting on GDWG activities
2017-10-12 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave sub-Group web meeting
2017-07-25 GRWG MW Subgroup Discussion on GSICS MW Products -
2017-07-11 GRWG/GDWG Exec Panel de-briefing
2017-06-27 GRWG IR Subgroup IR Reference Traceability Report - Review progress - including draft error budgets
2017-06-22 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting
2017-04-26 Joint GSICS/IVOS - S. Wagner Organisation of the Second Lunar Calibration Workshop - China 2017
2017-03-20/24 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting - Madison, WI, USA
2017-02-14 GRWG Reference solar spectrum
2017-01-19 GRWG/GDWG Planning Agenda for 2017 GRWG/GDWG annual meeting
2017-01-11 GRWG MW Subroup Microwave Sub-Group web meeting
2016-12-06 GRWG VNIR Subgroup - S.Wagner Planning 2017 Lunar Calibration Workshop
2016-12-01 GRWG VIS/NIR+UV - D.Doelling Reference solar spectrum to convert from radiance to reflectance + SBAF tool
2016-10-25 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave Sub-Group web meeting
2016-09-08 GRWG IR Subgroup IR Reference Traceability Report - Define channel binning and spectral conversion methods
2016-08-30 GRWG VNIR Subgroup Lunar Calibration
2016-08-11 Users 2016 GSICS Users Workshop
2016-07-26 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave Sub-Group web meeting
2016-07-05/06 GRWG MW - Cheng-Zhi Zou CEOS-GSICS Microwave Coordination Meeting
2016-06-21 GRWG IR Subgroup IR Reference Traceability Report - Agree structure, authors and templates
2016-04-21 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave Sub-Group web meeting
2016-02-29/03-04 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting at Tsukuba, Japan
2016-02-04 GRWG - VIS/NIR - D.Doelling DCCs, Combining VIS methods, Agenda for Annual Meeting
2016-01-06 GRWG - MW Subgroup Update on MW calibrations and standards, preparation for GRWG+GDWG Annual Meeting
2015-12-03 GRWG+GDWG - R.Roebeling Instrument Information Landing Pages for OSCAR
2015-11-03 GRWG VIS/NIR DCC - Plotting Tool Requirements, GPPA Review, Latest Ray-matching results
2015-10-08/09 GRWG UVSG Joint Meeting of GRWG UV and WGCV Atmospheric Composition Sub-Groups
2015-09-22 Users 2015 GSICS Users Workshop
2015-09-16 GRWG - MW Subgroup Update on micorwave sensor calibrations and plans for 2015 GSICS Users Workshop
2015-09-08 GRWG - T.Hewison Best Practice for Process of defining SBAF and uncertainties
2015-07-09 GRWG - IR Sub-Group Formation of Infrared Sub-Group of GRWG - and Reference Instruments' Requirements
2015-06-23 GCC - M.Bali Planning 2015 GSICS Users Workshop
2015-05-13 GRWG-MWSG Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting
2015-04-23 GRWG/GDWG Review of Actions from 2015 Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting
2015-03-16/20 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting at IMD, New Delhi, India
2015-02-03 GRWG+GDWG Preparing for 2015 Meeting + DCC Seasonality
2015-01-20 GDWG - P. Miu Automation of GPPA & timeliness
2015-01-13 GRWG MicrowaveSubGroup Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting - Product Development Updates
2014-12-16 GRWG UVSubGroup Hyperspectral Vis inter-calibration
2014-12-01/04 GRWG/GDWG Lunar Calibration Workshop at EUMETSAT
2014-11-13 GRWG VIS/NIR - S. Wagner Lunar Calibration Workshop last-minute Preparation
2014-11-21 Users Special GSICS Session at AOMSUC-5
2014-10-22 GRWG VIS/NIR - D. Doelling Review VIS/NIR priorities & Combining Methods:
Bertrand + Fangfang’s iterative calibration integration methods
2014-09-16 GRWG VIS/NIR - S. Wagner Lunar Calibration Workshop Preparation
2014-08-26 GRWG MicrowaveSubGroup Inter-calibration of Microwave Imagers & Selection of new Chair
2014-07-23 GRWG+GDWG - T. Hewison Inter-Calibration Products to Primary GSICS References
2014-06-24 GRWG VIS/NIR - S. Wagner Lunar Calibration Workshop Preparation
2014-06-05 GRWG VIS/NIR - D. Doelling DCC: File formats + Plotting
2014-05-27 GRWG - T. Hewison Delta Corrections - Reference Migration, Archive Re-Calibration & Diurnal Cycles
2014-03-24/28 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting at EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany
2014-02-06 GRWG - UVSubGroup Selection of UV Sub-Group Chair
2014-01-08 GRWG - D. Doelling DCC Algorithm Application - Part III
2013-12-03 GRWG - MicrowaveSubGroup Microwave Sub-Group Meeting - Review of NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDRs
2013-11-13 GRWG - UVSubGroup UV Sub-Group Formation
2013-10-15 GRWG - T. Hewison Propose scoring scheme to select reference instrument
2013-09-24 GRWG - R.Roebeling GSICS Requirements from SCOPE-CM Phase 2 Proposals
2013-08-14 GRWG - D. Doelling DCC Algorithm Application - Part II
2013-08-06 GRWG - MicrowaveSubGroup Microwave Sub-Group Reformation
2013-07-03 GRWG - D. Doelling Rayleigh scattering ATBD
2013-06-11 GRWG - T. Hewison Calibration Change Alerts - including GEO-GEO NRT
2013-05-29 GRWG - D. Doelling DCC Algorithm Application - Part I (+SCIAMACHY data availability)
2013-04-17 Study Report invitation Final Report of a study on inter-calibration of AATSR-IASI by University of Leicester for EUMETSAT
2013-04-08 Users 2013 GSICS Users Workshop
2013-03-04/08 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting in Williamsburg, USA
2013-02-26 GRWG+GDWG - F. Yu Preparation for 2013 Users’ Workshop and NPP instrument inter-calibrations
2013-01-29 GRWG/GDWG - T.Hewison/ A.Jelenak Preparation for 2013 GDWG & GRWG Meeting
2012-12-19 GRWG - T. Hewison The Moon and More Desert Targets
2012-11-28 GRWG Desert Targets - Outcome of Libya 4 workshop
2012-10-31 GRWG/GDWG - D. Doelling Follow-up on DCC method, including new MODIS data availability
2012-10-23 GRWG/GDWG - R. Roebeling/A. Jelenak Update on the Instrument Event Log
2012-09 - postponed GRWG - T. Hewison Resolving the differences between NWP and GSICS bias monitoring
2012-09-04 Users 2012 Users' Workshop
2012-08-08 GRWG/GDWG - T. Hewison Preparation for 2012 Users’ Workshop
2012-07-19 GRWG/GDWG - T. Hewison Inter-Calibration of AVHRR and GHRSST-GSICS Interaction
2012-06-19 GDWG - A. Jelenak Data Servers, Formats and Datacasting
2012-05-23 GRWG/GDWG - F. Weng Absolute calibration for Microwave channels
2012-04-17 GRWG/GDWG - F. Yu Updates on the GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance
2012-03-05/09 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting in Beijing, China
2012-02-23 GRWG+GDWG Preparation for annual GRWG+GDWG meeting
2012-01-17 GRWG - T.Hewison DCCs for Geostationary Lightning Mapper and Meteosat-HIRS inter-calibration strategy
2011-12-13 GRWG - D.Kim Lunar Calibration – including COMS commissioning data
2011-11-17 GRWG - T.Hewison Kalpana Calibration
2011-10-26 GRWG - D.Doelling Deep Convective Cloud Method
2011-10-02 GSICS Executive Panel Meeting — 11th Session, St Petersburg, Russian Federation
2011-09-06 Users 2011 Users' Workshop
2011-08-09 GRWG - T.Hewison Form of GSICS Correction - diurnal cycles, offset terms and other sensitivities
2011-07-26 GRWG - L.Sun FY-2 IR Results - and midnight problem
2011-06-22 GSICS - B.Iacovazzi Instrument Event Logs
2011-05-26 GDWG - A.Jelenak Bias Monitoring web pages
2011-04-27 GRWG - T.Hewison Combining Multiple References
2011-03-22/25 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting at Daejeon, South Korea
2011-02-17 GRWG/GDWG GSICS Bias Monitoring web pages and Preparation for Daejeon meeting
2011-01-18 GRWG/GDWG Pre-Operational Readiness Review for GEO-LEO Hyperspectral IR products
2010-12-09 GRWG Review GSICS product types and strategy for LEO-LEO products
2010-11-18 GRWG Traceability to Common References
2010-10-12 GRWG MW Subgroup Microwave Sub-Group Meeting
2010-09-21 Users 2010 Users' Workshop
2010-08-10 GRWG/GDWG Preparation for Users' Workshop
2010-07-27 GRWG Product Consistency
2010-06-22 GRWG Reference Instruments and their Traceability
2010-06-09 GRWG Report of Microwave meetings
2010-04-22 GRWG Error Analysis and Assessment Criteria
2010-04-13 GDWG/GRWG Work Flow for Migration to Operational Status
2010-02-09/11 GRWG/GDWG Annual GRWG+GDWG Meeting at CNES, Toulouse
2010-01-26 GRWG/GDWG Preparation for Toulouse Meeting
2009-12-08 GRWG Strategy for Solar channels
2009-12-01 GRWG/GDWG Updates on Users Workshop and Exec
2009-09-21 Users 2009 Users' Workshop
2009-07-14 GRWG CNES Site Selection
2009-06-23 GRWG GSICS GEO-LEO Correction
2009-06-02 GRWG/GDWG Harmonising the Presentation of Results
2009-05-12 GRWG GSICS Correction/ATBD
2009-03-24 GRWG Defining the GSICS Correction

Planning Meetings

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