GRWG/GDWG Web Meeting 2011-05-26

GSICS Web Meeting on Bias Monitoring Web Pages

Background Information

In order to make this meeting productive and efficient all participants are asked to:

  • See Hiromi's presentation on the bias monitoring web page template presented at the 2011-02-17 web meeting.
  • Visit the NASA's CERES website and test their on-request plotting system. Dave Doelling's notes about the website are below:

click on browse and subset of the EBAF product on the right

click TOA flux and set SW or LW it is set for regional plot click plot data at the bottom

all these 2D plot are generated dynamically click on one of the plots and you can animate and change colorbar

go back to selection page and click global mean and you can see 10 years of monthly flux means

again you can click on a plot and change plotting preferences

Here is the CERES procedure all plotted data comes from the archived netCDF CERES products the data is read from the netCDF files and plotted using Java, FLOT and Python.

The plots are kind of crude, but made to be quickly generated and allow the user to verify that is what he was looking for.

The nice thing about this tool it also writes out a netCDF file customized from the selections of the user, for only the parameters they want and not the whole official product. Of course all the metadata is the same.

  • Collect what are IT security requirements for your GPRC website.
  • Check whether JavaScript is allowed your GPRC website; if yes, are there any preferred libraries and/or frameworks?


See the presentation.


Guest Chair: Aleksandar Jelenak (NOAA)

CMA: Xiuqing “Scott” Hu

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison

JMA: Arata Okuyama

KMA: Dohyeong Kim

NOAA: Fangfang Yu, Bob Iacovazzi, Fred Wu




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