Guide: How to Plan Web Meetings

  • GSICS web meetings are usually been held on a Thursday, typically between 11:00-13:30 UTC in summer and 11:30-14:00 UTC in winter

    • This time slots optimises the attendance across the time zones from East Asia to East Coast USA
    • The timeanddate website provides a meeting planning tool to identify time slots for other time zone combinations
    • although this windows may be reduced if less time is needed
  • The different sub-groups follow a roster:

    • IR Sub-Group - 1st Thursday of each month
    • VIS/NIR Sub-Group - 2nd Thursday of each month
    • Microwave Sub-Group - 3rd Thursday of each month
    • Data Working Group - 4th Thursday of each month
    • UVNS Spectrometer Sub-Group - 5th Thursday - when available
  • The advantage of this system is that we all knew months in advance when a meeting could take place

    • although meetings are not needed every month
    • The GRWG Chair may also call meetings - e.g. to coordinate annual meetings in any of these slots - or at any other time to suit
  • Smaller specialist meetings may agree to run them at different times
    • If you need to select a date, we suggest Doodle because it does not require an account to set up a meeting time poll:
      • Giving people 6-9 options is usually enough.
      • The only time we can all meet is 11:00-13:30 UTC in summer and 11:30-14:00 UTC in winter. So only give one choice per day. And enable "Time Zone Support".
      • Some people don’t like to get up early on Monday or stay late on Friday, so don’t bother with those options.
      • Doodle automatically adjusts for the user’s time zone, if you enable "Time Zone Support", then you can just need to state yours.
      • Click 'Schedule an Event', give it a title including "GSICS web meeting" and the topic.
      • Choose some possible dates. Typically aim for a Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday are also acceptable as options.
      • Select some times. We suggest 11:30-13:30 UTC in winter, 11:00-13:00 UTC in summer. (Doodle poll form allows coping the first row to save time.)
      • Choose 'Basic Poll' on the next page.
      • Then 'You send the invitation'.
      • Copy the 'Participation Link' into an email and send it with an outline agenda to, specifying the deadline
      • Run the poll for a only few days - typically over a weekend, so you catch people who may be away one week.
        • Running polls for longer means the info will be out of date before its over
1-2 Months before the meeting, the Chair of the Working Group or Sub-Group or a deputy:
  • Select a topic for the meeting and outline a few items for the agenda
  • Ask 2 or 3 people to prepare presentations on this topic
  • Set up a meeting using your online meeting tool of choice
  • Create a topic page for the web meeting on the wiki using the form below (ALERT! available only to wiki users; all others contact either TimHewison or ManikBali ):

  • Web meeting's date:

  • Link this topic page from MeetingsAndConferences (ALERT! available only to wiki users).
  • Ask presenters to upload their presentations to the wiki page 1 week before the scheduled date.
1 week before the meeting: Within 1 week of the meeting:
  • Write a short summary of the meeting, highlighting any actions.
  • Upload this to the meeting's wiki page.
  • Send another email to with the link to the summary, checking the actions.
  • Take pride in what you have achieved!
-- TimHewison
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