GRWG Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting 2016-04-21

GSICS Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting


  1. Welcome and new members (Ralph)
  2. Articles in the most recent GSICS Newsletter (Ralph)
  3. Outcomes of 2016 Annual Meeting of GRWG+GDWG (Ralph, Manik, Tim)
  4. Plans/Status for joint CEOS-GSICS Microwave Meeting (Cheng-Zhi)
  5. New idea - Wiki "Work Space" (Ralph)
  6. Science Update:
    • MWRI intercalibrations (S. Wu, CMA)
    • SSMT-2 and AMSU-B intercomparison (J. Luo/N. Shah, City College of New York)
  7. Looking for leaders for subgroup focus areas (Ralph)
  8. Wrap Up, Next Meeting/speakers, GSICS Users Workshop, etc.


Guest Chair: Ralph Ferraro (NOAA)

CMA: Shengli Wu

EUMETSAT: Karsten Fennig, Vinia Mattioli, Tim Hewison, Sreerekha Thonipparambil

JAXA: Misako Kachi

NASA: Rachel Kroodsma

NIST: David Walker

NOAA: Manik Bali, Ralph Ferraro, Johnny Luo, Nazia Sha, Wenze Yang, Cheng-Zhi Zou


Old Actions (status) - None of significance carried over.

General Agenda Items

Ralph welcomed the participants and noted some new members to the MW subgroup - Tony Reale, Johnny Luo, Naziah Sha (NOAA); Tanvir Islam (NASA); Shengli Wu (CMA)

Ralph mentioned that in the Winter 2016 issue of the GSICS newsletter, there were several articles from the MW subgroup.

The next discussion was about the outcome of the 2016 GRWG+GDWG annual meeting (Tsukuba, Japan, 29 Feb - 4 Mar). Ralph presented some high points related to the MW subgroup while both Tim and Manik gave more focused discussion. All of the information is captured on their slides attached on this meeting page. Of pressing importance to this group is defining MW reference standards.

Cheng-Zhi gave an update on the upcoming joint CEOS-GSICS Microwave meeting that will take place in Beijing, China in July 6-7 (prior to IGARSS). Some remote participation is expected. Cheng-Zhi plans on giving a GSICS overview, so members are encouraged to supply him with content for his talk. Abstract submission also encouraged. Meeting URL and further information are on Cheng-Zhi's slides.

Two items we did not get to (and Ralph will follow up via email) were the MW Subgroup work space and leaders for topical areas of importance. You can look at Ralph's slides for a little more background on these.

We had two interesting science presentations. The first was by Shengli Wu of CMA who presented intercalibration results of the MWRI sensor on FY3. Naziah Sha from City College of New York presented her work, under the guidance of her advisor, Prof. Johnny Luo, on the intercalibration of SSM/T2 with AMSU-B. Details on both are found on their slides.


New Actions:

1. Exploit GRUAN data sets via Tony Reale (NOAA). Ralph to have Tony speak at our next meeting; Tim has invited Tony to participate in a September telecon focused on uses of NWP/RTM as a calibration reference.

2. Group participation at the CEOS-GSICS meeting in Beijing in July; consider either giving an individual talk or contribute to an overview talk that Cheng-Zhi will deliver

3. MW Subgroup Work Space - Ralph to send out information on this.

4. Leaders for MW subgroup topical areas - Ralph to send out information on this.

5. Ralph to plan next meeting for late July (prior to the 2016 GSICS Users Meetings)

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
1t_Intercalibration_of_FY3_MWRI.pdfpdf 1t_Intercalibration_of_FY3_MWRI.pdf manage 7 MB 19 Apr 2016 - 20:09 RalphFerraro FY3/MWRI - Shengli Wu
Annual_outcomes_mw.pptxpptx Annual_outcomes_mw.pptx manage 223 K 21 Apr 2016 - 03:10 ManikBali  
CEOS_GSICS_Joint_Meeting_042116_Zou.pdfpdf CEOS_GSICS_Joint_Meeting_042116_Zou.pdf manage 147 K 20 Apr 2016 - 13:35 RalphFerraro CEOS-GSICS Joint Meeting - Zou
GSICS_Meeting_04.21.16_Nazia_Shah.pdfpdf GSICS_Meeting_04.21.16_Nazia_Shah.pdf manage 1 MB 19 Apr 2016 - 01:28 RalphFerraro SSMT2-AMSUB - Luo and Shah
Hewison_GRWG_2016_Outcome.pptxpptx Hewison_GRWG_2016_Outcome.pptx manage 598 K 19 Apr 2016 - 12:39 TimHewison  
MW-SubGroup-21April2016.pdfpdf MW-SubGroup-21April2016.pdf manage 1 MB 19 Apr 2016 - 15:33 RalphFerraro Overview Slides - Ferraro
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