GRWG Web Meeting 2019-12-10

GSICS VIS/NIR Web Meeting on Planning 3rd Lunar Calibration Workshop

  1. S. Wagner (EUMETSAT) – Summary of the 2nd Lunar Calibration Workshop - Xi'an 2017
  2. S. Wagner (EUMETSAT) / T. Stone (USGS) – Potential Topics for the 3rd Lunar Calibration Workshop + discussion
  3. S. Wagner (EUMETSAT) – Model inter-comparison exercise + discussion
  4. S. Wagner (EUMETSAT) – Workshop organisation (timeline, potential place, etc).

As an indication, the following sessions are suggested and were discussed:

- Measurements and Moon observations: towards SI traceability
  • ESA project with sun photometers
  • High-altitude aircraft measurements by NIST (Air-LUSI project)
  • NIST Mauna Loa project
  • ARCSTONE/CLARREO/Truth/etc. as a follow-on of the workshop on SI traceability
  • New measurements campaigns + potential for expending to spectral range?
  • GSICS Lunar Observation Dataset
- Model development:
  • Current status of the ROLO + GIRO / traceability + updates
  • Related activities (reference solar spectrum, etc.)
  • New models, including radiance models
  • Interest for developing models for new regions of the solar spectrum
- Instrument monitoring using lunar calibration
  • VIS/NIR - status provided by the various agencies participating, with potential issues
  • Microwave
  • Inter-calibration (depending on progress)
- Alternative usages of lunar imagery
  • MTF (project led NOAA)
  • Any other topic.


Guest Chair: S. Wagner (EUMETSAT)

CMA(?): Zhang Yu

ESA: Maciej Neneman, Marc Bouvet

EUMETSAT: S. Wagner, T. Hewison

JMA: Arata Okuyama

KMA: Tae-Hyeong Oh, Minju Gu

NASA: Constantine Lukashin, Lawrence Ong, Truman Wilson, Stephen Brown

NIST: Stephen Maxwell

NOAA: Taeyoung ("Jason") Choi, Manik Bali, Fangfang Yu, Fred Wu

USGS: Tom Stone

AIST: Masataka Imai, Toru Kouyama

ESS: Matthijs Krijger, Ralf Snel

State University of New York: Mustafa Aksoy


  • Actions from 2nd Lunar Calibration Workshop will be reviewed at 2020 GSICS Research Working Group meeting
  • Call for Papers for mini conference style sessions should include polarisation requirements for Observations and Models
    • Poster submissions should be encouraged
  • Presenters should be encouraged to split contributions related to lunar observations and models fitted to them as far as possible
  • The following should be added to the list of invited presenters: Toru Kouyama (AIST), Thijs Krijger (ESS), Lawrence Ong (NASA) (as backup to Hugh Kieffer)
  • Lunar Irradiance Model inter-comparisons based on synthetic datasets was identified as a key activity of the workshop. Thijs Krijger (ESS) and Marc Bouvet (ESA) offered to contribute to this.
  • Developing GSICS products for all VIS/NIR channels of GEO imagers is key to providing support for ISCCP-NG. This would be possible using lunar observations and will be discussed further at the 2020 GSICS Research Woking Group meeting.
  • A separate session was proposed to address Geometric Aspects, including MTF, Stray light/Ghosting/Cross-talk, Band-to-band registration, with contributions from Truman Wilson, Fred Wu and others.
  • Workshop Dates:
    • 4 days in single session is preferred format
    • November/December 2020 is preferred timescale - to be finalised by chairs (e.g. using Doodle)
    • Provisional timeline was presented
    • Extension to other spectral regions could include thermal infrared as well as microwave - preferably in single parallel session - if possible within 4 days - will follow-up with MWSG


A.GVNIR.20191210.1: Seb Wagner (EUMETSAT) to consider how to share GLOD

A.GVNIR.20191210.2: Tom Stone (USGS) to check whether CNES can make PLAIEDES data available in GLOD

A.GVNIR.20191210.3: Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) to coordinate with GSICS Microwave Sub-Group to define microwave/thermal session

A.GVNIR.20191210.4: Seb Wagner (EUMETSAT) to finalize dates for the workshop by end Jan 2020
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