Infrared Sub-Group

of GSICS Research Working Group

The IR Sub-Group was formed at a Web meeting in July 2015.


  • Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) - Chair (expected to serve until July 2017)
  • Likun Wang (NOAA) - Vice-Chair (expected to act as deputy and take over thereafter)
  • Fangfang Yu (NOAA)
  • Manik Bali (NOAA)
  • Alex Ignatov (NOAA)
  • Arata Okuyama (JMA)
  • Masaya Takahashi (JMA)
  • Hidehiko Murato (JMA)
  • Dohyeong Kim (KMA)
  • Hyesook Lee (KMA)
  • Minju Gu (KMA)
  • Ben Scarino (NASA)
  • Denis Jouglet (CNES)
  • Dave Tobin (NOAA/SSEC)
  • Dave Smith (RAL)
  • Jon Mittaz (NPL/University of Reading)
  • ...

Scope of the IR Sub-Group

The scope of the IR Sub-Group was agreed to be:
  • Counterpart of VIS/NIR, Microwave and UV Sub-Groups
    - For satellite instruments channels in thermal infrared
  • To establish user requirements for inter-calibration
  • Cooperate with instrument calibration groups
    - To communicate relevant information to the users
    - To help them understand the root cause of observed biases and develop fixes
  • Review existing, or Develop new inter-calibration
    - algorithms, procedures, corrections, etc.
    - to meet these
  • To define and promote calibration standards, tools and datasets, and best practices
    - Including selection of inter-calibration reference

The following Sub-Group activities were identified, with participants expressing their interest in participation:
  1. GEO Imagers - Promote GEO-LEO IR products to Operational + Support & Further Development
    a) For IR channels of GEO imagers - Tim, Masaya, Dohyeong, Hyesook, Minju, Manik, Fangfang - GeoLeoV2Ideas
    b) GEO IR Sounders (broad-band) , Fangfang
    c) Preparation for hyperspectral IR - CMA?
  2. LEO-LEO IR - Development of LEO-LEO IR products for
    a) imagers (including SBAF development) - Likun, Manik (MetopA /AVHRR), Tim, Fred ?, Fangfang, Dave S.
    b) Hyperspectral IR (incl CLARREO) - Likun, Dave T., Dave S.
  3. Prime GSICS Corrections - Deployment of Prime GSICS Corrections - Tim , Masaya, Fangfang
  4. Diurnal calibration variations - Masaya , Fangfang, Dohyeong, Hyesook, Minju, Jon
  5. Report on Reference Sensor Traceability and Uncertainty - Tim, Likun, Dave T., Dave S., Jon,
  6. Development of NWP inter-calibration method , Fangfang, Jon (for SST CCI)
  7. GEO-GEO comparisons - Dave, Hidehiko, Dohyeong, Hyesook, Minju , Fangfang
  8. Instrument specification, pre-launch characterisation, cal/val testing - Likun , Fangfang, Jon
  9. Broadband Reference IR inter-calibration - Dave, Rob, Likun
  10. Spectral Response Function retrieval - Manik, Jon
Other participants are welcome to join these activities and consider acting as Principal Investigator

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