GRWG Web Meeting 2015-07-09

GSICS Web Meeting on Formation of IR Sub-Group and Reference Selection


  1. Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) – Formation of IR Sub-Group - Scope, Plans, Selection of Chair
  2. All - Self-introductions, planned activities
  3. All – Suggested projects for IR Sub-Group
  4. Manik Bali (NOAA) - Reference Instrument Selection
  5. Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) - Selection of Reference Instrument - Review Requirements
  6. All - Other methods for selecting reference instruments


Chair: Tim Hewison

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Sebastien Wagner (part-time)

JMA: Arata Okuyama, Masaya Takahashi, Hidehiko Murato

KMA: Dohyeong Kim, Hyesook Lee, Minju Gu

NASA: Dave Doelling, Ben Scarino

NOAA: Likun Wang, Fangfang Yu, Larry Flynn, Manik Bali, Sasha Ignatov

Scope of the IR Sub-Group

The scope of the IR Sub-Group was agreed to be:

  • Counterpart of VIS/NIR, Microwave and UV Sub-Groups
    – For satellite instruments channels in thermal infrared
  • To establish user requirements for inter-calibration
  • Cooperate with instrument calibration groups
    – To communicate relevant information to the users
    – To help them understand the root cause of observed biases and develop fixes
  • Review existing, or Develop new inter-calibration
    – algorithms, procedures, corrections, etc.
    – to meet these
  • To define and promote calibration standards, tools and datasets, and best practices
    – Including selection of inter-calibration reference

Activities of the IR Sub-Group

The following Sub-Group activities were identified, with participants expressing their interest in participation:

  1. Promote GEO-LEO IR products to Operational + Support & Further Development
    a) For IR channels of GEO imagers – Tim, Masaya, Dohyeong, Hyesook, Minju, Manik, Fangfang
    b) GEO IR Sounders (broad-band) , Fangfang
    c) Preparation for hyperspectral IR - CMA?
  2. Development of LEO-LEO IR products for
    a) imagers – Likun, Manik (MetopA/AVHRR), Tim, Fred ?, Fangfang
    b) Hyperspectral IR (incl CLARREO) - Likun, Dave T.,
  3. Deployment of Prime GSICS Corrections – Tim , Masaya, Fangfang
  4. Diurnal calibration variations - Masaya , Fangfang, Dohyeong, Hyesook, Minju
  5. Report on Reference Sensor Traceability and Uncertainty – Tim, Likun, Dave T.
  6. Development of NWP inter-calibration method , Fangfang
  7. GEO-GEO comparisons - Dave, Hidehiko, Dohyeong, Hyesook, Minju , Fangfang
  8. Instrument specification, pre-launch characterisation, cal/val testing - Likun , Fangfang
  9. Broadband Reference IR inter-calibration – Dave, Rob, Likun
  10. Spectral Response Function retrieval - Manik
Other participants are welcome to join these activities and consider acting as Principal Investigator.

If it becomes difficult to manage any of these activities within the IR Sub-Group, the chair should consider establishing a dedicated Sub-Group to address them.


The following nominations for chair were accepted:

IR Sub-Group Chair: Tim Hewison (expected to served until July 2017)

IR Sub-Group Vice-chair: Likun Wang (expected to act as deputy and take over thereafter)

Summary of Reference Selection

Tim proposed essential and desirable criteria for selecting the Primary GSICS Reference instrument for each spectral band.

It was agreed that other important crerteria include:
  • The ability to transfer the calibration to other Reference sensors
  • Fully published supporting documentation
  • A system to routinely monitor the calibration to the Primary Reference against other Reference sensors
  • Belonging to a commited series of sensors, providing service over many years
Action: Manik to review Tim's scoring for CrIS

Action: Fangfang to attempt to evaluate Tim's proposed scoring scheme for geostationary sounders

Action: Dave to consider the applicability of thie scoring scheme to select a reference for the VIS band
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