GSICS Operations Plan
---+ 1. Governance/ Progress meetings, reporting and action tracking
Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
Joint07_01R GDWG is encouraged finding a common web meeting tool<br />*EUMETSAT seems to be willing to provide their WebEx service.* (go to action) Main.GDWG   closed edit
EP-10.27 Circulate the proposed GSICS fact sheet to Executive Panel members for comments. (go to action) Main.WMO(Lafeuille) 01 Oct 2011 open edit
EP-12.01 EP Chair to establish a Task Force to review issues and propose actions towards improving accessibility of in-situ observations of test sites (go to action) Main.EPChair(Goldberg) 01 Nov 2012 open edit
EP-12.13 EP Chairman and WMO to encourage EP members to volunteer as EP vice-chair in advance of EP-13 (go to action) Main.EPChair(Goldberg)+WMO(Lafeuille) 01 Oct 2012 open edit
EP-12.19 WMO (J. Lafeuille) to circulate to the EP and GRWG and GDWG and GCC, a questionnaire to seek input regarding the long-term Vision of GSICS. (In advance of the 1st WEBEX meeting on 1-08), with a view to at least discuss a draft vision at EP-13. (go to action) Main.WMO(Lafeuille) 01 Jul 2012 open edit
EP-12.20 WMO (Jerôme Lafeuille) to circulate the draft outline of the revised GSICS Implementation Plan as discussed by EP-12, for review. (go to action) Main.WMO(Lafeuille) 15 Jun 2012 open edit
EP-12.21 All Panel members to review and comment on the draft outline of the GSICS Implementation Plan (go to action) Main.EPmembers 31 Jul 2012 open edit
EP-12.25 CNES and NIST to notify their new representation in GSICS (go to action) Main.CNES+NIST   open edit
GUW-13.01 GRWG Chair (Tim Hewison) considers formation of new UV GSICS subgroup with input from NASA Langley TEMPO group. (go to action) TimHewison 01 Sep 2013 closed edit
GUW-13.01 Executive Panel to discuss if the GSICS scope should be expanded to include the operational calibration alerting system. (go to action) Main.Exec, Main.Panel 01 Jun 2014 open edit
GWG_13.8 NASA to provide CLARREO papers to GCC for distribution on the GSICS wiki. (go to action) Main.Exec, Main.Panel 01 Jun 2014 open edit

---++ 2. Enhancing Outreach and User Interaction – Inform GSICS community & beyond and seek feedback
Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
GRWG06_16 Compile a list of existing activities concerning composite satellite imagery <br />- See CompositeSatelliteImagery (go to action) AllGPRCs_to_EUMETSAT(Hewison) 01 Jun 2011 closed edit
<span style="background-color: transparent;">
Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
GRWG06_17 </span><span style="background-color: transparent;"> Find out time overlaps between geostationary satellites (commissioning and operational periods), find out about the availability of such data and publish this information on the GSICIS Wiki </span><span style="background-color: transparent;"> (go to action) AllGPRCs 01 Dec 2011 open edit
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Action Ref. Description Assigned to Due date State  
GRWG07_08 X. Liang to present the NWP bias monitoring for ATSR and MODIS in the next GRWG meeting in 2013 (go to action) Main.NOAA(Liang 01 Mar 2013 open edit
EP-10.18 NOAA (Mitch Goldberg) and EUMETSAT (Tim Hewison) to liaise with the SCOPE-CM Pilot Projects (1), (3) and (5) respectively, in order to better understand their needs and facilitate the finalization of the Statement of Needs. (go to action) Main.EPChair+GRWGChair 01 Aug 2011 open edit

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