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Planned Activities of GSICS Microwave sub-group




EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison (Chair), Marianne König

NOAA: Cheng-Zhi Zou, Bob Iacovazzi, Fred Wu, Fangfang Yu

JMA: Hiromi Owada, Arata Okuyama, Kenji Date

KMA: Dohyeong Kim

UKMO: Viju John

Scope of GSICS microwave sub-group

The GSICS microwave sub-group will primarily act as rapporteurs, coordinating the activities of various groups involved in the inter-calibration of microwave instruments, aligning them with the requirements of users, and encouraging and assisting them to submit products to the GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance where appropriate. They will also provide a body of expertise for the GSICS Coordination Center to call upon to help review proposed products and support the development of guidelines and standards for these activities.

Membership of GSICS microwave sub-group

Proposed members:

Cheng-Zhi Zou (NOAA) - to represent re-calibration and inter-calibration products developed at NOAA, and to represent NWP re-analysis users through the WMO Climate programme.

Viju John (UK Met Office) - to develop new products for microwave humidity sounders and represent NWP climate re-analysis users

Hiromi Owada (JMA) - to represent NWP data assimilation users of ATOVS data

David Walker (NIST) - to develop microwave calibration standards and provide guidelines on traceability and to coordinate with CEOS WGCV microwave group

Bob Iacovazzi (NOAA) - to represent the GSICS Coordination Center

Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) - to represent the GSICS Research Working Group

Fuzhong Weng (NOAA) - to represent the GPM X-cal working group

Keiji Imaoko (JAXA) - to represent WGCV Microwave sub-group [nominated post-meeting]

Chris Ruf (U Mich) - to represent the GPM X-cal working group [nominated post-meeting]

Jung-Moon Yoo (Ewha Womans U) -to represent users interested in global circulation analyses [nominated post-meeting]

Modus Operandi of GSICS microwave sub-group

Once we have finalised the membership of the microwave subgroup we will define how they will work and to what timelines. It is expected that most of the interaction will be through email with occasional web meetings - or even actual physical meetings, if necessary.

Other Issues to be addressed by the GSICS microwave sub-group

  1. Submission of NOAA's inter-calibration of SSU/MSU/AMSU to GSICS Procedure for Product Acceptance
  2. Assessing users' requirements for near-realtime products
  3. Representation of the community of users working on sea-ice concentration
  4. Analysis of different methods suitable for the inter-calibration of window channels and humidity sounding channels

Issues for GSICS Executive Panel

  1. Agree GSICS approach for research instruments (including SSM/I microwave imagers)
  2. Provide channels for feedback of recommendations to improve specification and characterisation of future instruments
  3. Coordination with CEOS WGCV microwave group
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