GRWG/GDWG Web Meeting 2012-12-19

GRWG Web Meeting: The Moon and More Desert Targets


  1. Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) – SEVIRI Solar Channel Calibration - latest results
  2. Bertrand/Patrice (CNES) - Preliminary results of the SEVIRI calibration in SADE database
  3. Dave Smith (RAL) - Calibrating the solar channels of ATSR
  4. Bartolomeo Viticchie (EUMETSAT) - Systematic extraction of lunar images from Meteosat/SEVIRI data
  5. Sophie Lachérade (CNES) - Lunar Calibration - A new method for the Pleiades radiometric absolute calibration
  6. All - The way forward for GSICS Research Working Group activities on Deserts and the Moon


Chair: Tim Hewison

CMA: Li Yuan, Min Min, Xu Na, Sun Ling, Yong Zhang, Scott Hu

CNES: Bertrand Fougnie, Patrice Henry, Sophie Lachérade

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Sebastien Wagner, Bartolomeo Viticchie, Rob Roebeling

JMA:Tetsuro Kurita, Hiroaki Tsuchiyama, Keita Hosaka, Ryuichiro Nakayama, Kenji Date, Masayuki Sasaki, Masaya Takahashi

NASA: Dave Doelling, Gerhard Meister (at EUMETSAT)

NOAA: Fangfang Yu, Bob Iacovazzi

RAL: Dave Smith

UAH: Dennis Bechler

USGS: Tom Stone

Main Issues from 2012-11-28 Web Meeting

•How to separate effects of BRDF, Atmosphere & SRF?

•Analysis of SCIAMACHY data

–Characterise desert sites’ spectral BRDF/Validate RTM

•Use of SADE database?

•Action: CNES to provide CEOS and GSICS members with the directional model computed by CNES for Libya-4

–the technical note will be ready (draft version) by the end of this week

•Action: CNES to provide Dave Smith with a mean Hyperion profile over Libya-4 for comparison with GOME and SCIAMACHY

–to be done (period of averaging to be defined)

Issues from 2012-12-19 Web Meeting

•Analysis of MODIS dataset from BJ Sohn?

–Spatial and Temporal Variability

–Characterise current sites, refine them, select new ones

•RAL kindly offered to derive Spectral Band Adjustment factors for different instruments based on GOME2 obs of Libya-4

– Please Provide D.Smith with SRFs of the channels of interest

•Development of ATBD for inter-cal using Rayleigh method

–CNES will analyse MODIS first results first, then tie other instruments to these

•Development of ATBD for inter-cal using sunglint method is still needed

•What limits accuracy of Moon position predictions?

•How to quantify uncertainty using Deserts & Moon as inter-calibration transfer targets?

•Towards Common Processing of Lunar Observations?

•Processing lunar observations from archive data?

•Tying ROLO to absolute standards – input to NIST? •Use of SADE database?

•Input to IVOS? Future cooperation?
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