GSICS Annual Meeting 2021: Microwave Subgroup Breakout Meeting (March 31, 2021)


1100-1400 (UTC), 0700-1000 (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time), 1200-1500 (Central Europe Standard Time), 1900-2200 (China Standard Time), 2000-2300 (Korea and Japan Standard Time),

1. Way forward of MW subgroup (Qifeng LU - CMA)

2. JAXA Plans (Misako KACHI)

Describes the characteristics and specifications of the AMSR-3 instrument to be launched on GOSAT-GW in Japan Fiscal Year 2023.

3. Summary of outcomes from the ECMWF/NWP-SAF workshop on the treatment of random and systematic errors in satellite data assimilation (Niels Bormann - ECMWF)

A synopsis of findings from this workshop focuses on three areas: Estimating uncertainties; Correcting observational and model biases in data assimilation; and Representing random observational errors in data assimilation. Several outcomes were reported that could be distilled into overarching points, and treatment of random and systematic errors.

4. FCDR Progress Summaries [links attached to names] (Viju John and Paul Poli - EUMETSAT; Shengli Wu and Dawei An - CMA; and Cheng-Zhi Zou - NOAA)

Overall progress summaries for FCDR developments within the agencies participating in the GSICS Microwave Subgroup

5. SI Traceability References Summaries (Xiaohai Cui - China NIM)

Introduced basic SI traceability concepts, and addressed the type of microwave measurements that exist and to which SI standards they trace to.

6a. Lunar and/or Geolocation Updates (Tiger Yang - NOAA)

Communicates three main research areas regarding microwave lunar geolocation and calibration studies. The evaluation of NOAA-20 ATMS on-orbit geolocation error by using 2-D lunar observations. Retrieving lunar microwave brightness temperature spectrum from satellite observations. Validating of satellite derived unresolved lunar disk Tb spectrum with model simulations.

6b. SNO and Radio Occultation updates (Robbie Iacovazzi - NOAA)

Briefly describes the two methods used to track and trend NOAA operational microwave sounder data, the Simultaneous Nadir Overpass (SNO) and Observation minus Background Simulated Brightness Temperature Method using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Radio Occultation (RO) soundings. It then introduces updates and resulting performance outcomes related to these updates.

7. SMOS-SMAP Inter-comparison activities over Antarctica and wind measurement (Raffaele Crapolicchio - ESA)

This briefing offered overviews of the Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission and the Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis (MIRAS) instrument calibration. After introducing DOMEX – an experiment to track long-time stability of L-band microwave emission by using ground data collected at the Antarctic DOME Concordia station – the presentation reported the results of brightness temperature comparisons between MIRAS with DOMEX. Inter-comparisons between the Soil Moisture Active/Passive (SMAP) Mission and MIRAS parameters of DOME-C brightness temperature and wind speed over ocean were also shared.

8. Microwave Subgroup Actions Discussion (All)

Meeting Minutes:

For the Microwave Breakout Session Minutes of the GSICS Annual Meeting 2021, please CLICK HERE.

For the GSICS Annual Meeting 2021 Plenary Sessions Notes that are related to the Microwave Subgroup, please CLICK HERE.

-- RobbiIacovazzi - 05 Mar 2021
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