GDWG Web Meeting 27 October 2022

Meeting Minutes

GDWG Activities in the past year and Review of Actions ( Kamaljit Ray/Manik Bali)

Manik provided an overview of the activities of the GSICS Data Working Group in the past year. Some of the topics that he covered were.
  1. Status of the actions that GDWG picked up. Progress made in the actions has helped the GSICS community to integrate with WMO Observing Systems and communities such as CEOS.
  2. Progress in the Landing Pages,
  3. Maintenance of the collaboration server, maintenance of current notebooks, and development of new notebooks by ESA and Notebook has helped bring GSCS algorithms to the user community.
  4. CMA initiative to set up Data processing capabilities to re-calibration entire FY- series of observations. ( Action was picked to help members use the knowledge).
  5. ESA EVDC and GSICS-CEOS integration processes. (A.GDWG.20220316.7: Closed) IMD informed that the RAPIDS was being developed and new capabilities were included in it. Currently, discussions are being carried out with ISRO to decide if GSICS monitoring could be included in the ISRO MOSDAC website or the RAPIDS website.

Making SLIMED accessible [ Hugh Keiffer ]

Hugh Keiffer provided the status of the SLiMED lunar model. Hugh informed about the most recent publication on the SLIMED model ( 038502 ). This publication provided the current status of SLIMED model. SLIMED is a model of lunar spectral irradiance. It incorporates data from multiple spacecraft and surface telescopic observations. Using 12 data sources derived from 90,000 lunar images, models that are smooth across both geometry and wavelength and involve only about 35 derived coefficients are found with a mean weighted residual of <0.5 %. This makes SLIMED one of the most trusted LUNAR models in the community. Hugh discussed if this model could be treated similarly to GIRO in the GSICS community in terms of distribution, use, and portability. Sebastien Wagner from EUMETSAT and Hugh discussed the model distribution process and Sebastien revealed the experience of sharing GIRO with the community worldwide. Hugh informed that the SLIMED code is about 265 lines of IDL code spanning only two subroutines. Sebastien offered to investigate if translation to Python could be possible at EUMETSAT. Subsequently, to move forward action was picked.

A.20221027.01: Hugh Keiffer and Sebastien Wagner at EUMETSAT to initiate discussion on determining the future of the SLIMED model.

ESA GDWG Activities [ Paolo Castracane ]

Paolo from ESA has been actively pursuing crucial GDWG working activities. Paolo informed that all the actions assigned to ESA have been completed (A.GDWG.20220316.6, A.GDWG.20220316.6, A.GDWG.20220316.7).

Paolo touched upon vital topics. These included
  • CEOS Cal/Va Portal activities. : This shares GSICSNewsletter, GSCS Tools, Conference and Workshop, and Projects.
  • GSICS Tools:
  • TSIS-1 Hybrid Solar Reference Spectrum: The TSIS-1 HSRS spectrum has been endorsed by the CEOS as reference solar.
  • Maturity Matrix for dataset evaluation ( EDAP and WGISS): ESA Eartnet is working closely with the NASA Commercial smallsat Data Acquisition ( CSDA) program to design a Maturity Matrix that can apply maturity to Small Sat data sets.
  • GSICS and CEOS WGCV cooperation: Several areas of work between GSICS and WGCV are being actively pursued. These include methods, protocols, and organization of joint workshops on Calibration and Characterization of Pre-flight measurements.
  • Long-term plans include enhancing GSICS -CEOS interaction and promoting data harmonization.
A.20221027.02: Paolo and Heikki ( WMO) to initiate discussion on improving WMO website

Discussion on Next Generation of GSICS Products

The web meeting also had a discussion about the role of GDWG in shaping the next generation of GSICS products. The discussion was in response to A.GDWG.2022031.8, which aimed at GRWG ( Tim) and GDWG (Manik) working together to work out a plan of action for the new products.

Following an initial presentation made by Tim in the IR web meeting on 'Developing Algorithms for IR products ( see here ), the GDWG discussed the new class of future products. Manik picked slides from Ken Knap's evaluation of GSICS products in his work on ISCCP Grid Sat products.

Some of the points that the discussions hovered over were

  • Classical GSICS Products are mainly oriented toward providing instrument monitoring.
  • The variable Standard Scene Bias is a time series of (Monitored instrument – Reference) Instruments over time. It gives an indication of the in-orbit performance of the instrument.
  • Products are disseminated on THREDDS platform and shipped every day in NetCDF format with contents following CF 1.6 criterion
  • Products follow versioning, file naming conventions and metadata rules
  • Products are publicly available.
  • Products have limited adaptability
  • Calculation of Corrected Radiance is nonintuitive
Tim suggests for new class of GSICS products

1, We should use a generic correction polynomial

2. Homogenization factor ( i.e slightly differing SRF of different satellites measuring in the same wavelength ) is outside the score of our new product

3. Products to be backward compatible.

A.20221027.03: Tim to discuss requirements of the new class of GSICS products in the upcoming Annual meeting with the wider GRWG

Discussion on GDWG Workplan .

Following A.GEP.20220510.6, Manik shared the GDWG workplan for the coming year. This workplan has been shared with WMO and GDWG member agencies. members are requested to mention their GDWG activities in this document.

A.20221027.04: Members to review the GDWG Workplan and update it with their planned GDWG activities.

A.20221027.05: Kamaljit to contact Heikkig ( WMO ), to get a letter to request GSICS members for more participation in GDWG activities by agencies.

Past actions status

A.GEP.20220510.6 : GDWG to provide high level work plan : [ Work plan shared ]

A.GDWG.20221603.1: IMD and ISRO to work on enhancing capabilities of RAPID to use visualize GSICS data [Steps taken]

R.GDWG.20220316.1: Agencies to share their reprocessing plans. A.GDWG.20220316.1: Discuss if reprocessed data be designated as a GSICS deliverable

A.GDWG.20220316.2: GDWG members to inform GCC about the latest membership [ Ongoing]*

A.GDWG.20220316.3: CMA to reveal the use of GSICS coefficients in NWP processing [ Ongoing]

A.GDWG.20220316.7: GDWG to contact GRWG to gather requirements for combined product [ Ongoing ]

A.GDWG.20220316.4: GSICS members to contact Paolo (ESA) and provide feedback toEVDC [ Completed ]

A.GDWG.20220316.5: IMD/ISRO Cal/Val portal link to be provided to ESA to be included in the CEOS Cal/Val portal [ Completed ]

A.GDWG.20220316.6: GSICS-GDWG(Manik) to work closely with ESA ( Paolo) to integrate GSICS [ Ongoing]
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