GRWG Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting 2016-01-06

GSICS Web Meeting on Microwave Standards and Meeting Planning


  1. Introduction, Review of any ongoing/action items - Ralph Ferraro
  2. Outcome of the GSICS Users Workshop as it pertains to MW sub group - Tim Hewison
  3. Science Updates
4.- Pathforward -Manik Bali, Ralph Ferraro

5. Participation/Preparation for GRDW/GDWG annual meeting and focus topics for 2016- All

6. Wrap Up, Next Meeting, etc.


Guest Chair: Ralph Ferraro (NOAA)

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Vinia Mattioli, Christophe Accadia

Indian Institute of Sciences: Ram Ratan

JAXA: Misako Kachi

JMA: Masaya Takahashi, Arata Okuyama

KMA: Dohyeong Kim

NASA: Ed Kim, Rachel Kroodsma

NIST: Dave Walker

NOAA: Ralph Ferraro, Manik Bali, Cheng-Zhi Zou, Larry Flynn, Jun Park, Wenze Yang


Old Actions (status)
  • Engage GPM X-Cal Group (see Agenda item 3) (continuing)
  • Continue to move forward on GSICS MW products (see Agenda item 4) (continuing)
  • Formalize joint CEOS and GSICIS MW activities - Cheng Zhi reported that there will be a joint meeting prior to IGARSS in Beijing in July. He mentioned that Xiaolong will be unveiling a web page soon about the meeting (continuing)
General Agenda Items
  • Tim provided a nice summary of the GSICS User's Workshop and the implications for the MW Subgroup. A few key points include:
    • User's want calibration updates, however, we must provide instructions on how best to apply them
    • GSICIS is mostly concerned with radiometric corrections, however, MW also requires geolocation corrections, is this more of a CEOS endeavor?
    • GCC was tasked to develop strawman user requirements, MW subgroup should be active in helping with this
    • The survey provided insightful information regarding the primary uses and requirements for MW products (it was noted that all areas are still important)
  • Dave Walker gave an excellent update regarding NIST microwave calibration standards; details can be found in his slides. A few key points include:
    • NIST now has a MW calibration reference that will cover a very broad range of MW frequencies and reduce uncertainties down to ~0.1 K
    • They hope to use this to calibrate the ATMS sensor on JPSS-2
  • Rachel presented slides developed by Wes Berg, new chair of the GPM X-Cal. Some highlights include:
    • GMI is performing exceptionally well, so it will continue to serve as the calibration standard for the GPM constellation
    • Final intercalibration for the constellation is a hybrid approach merging together several independent calibration data points from within X-Cal
    • X-Cal correction tables are available for use by the community, various sensors seem to agree better (worse) with GMI.
    • Monitoring page -
  • Manik led a discussion on a path forward on GSICS MW products.These will form the basis for further discussion within the group and also at a splinter session at the Annual Meeting of the GRWG/GDWG in March in Japan. Details are within his slides (and also see action below).


New Actions:
  • Poll group for potential participation (in person, remote) and topics to be discussed at GRWG/GDWG annual meeting (Ralph)
  • Organize next meeting in the April time frame (Ralph)

  • Bali MW Product Slides

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