-- RalphFerraro - 30 Sep 2016

GRWG Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting 2016-10-25, 1100 UTC

GSICS Web Meeting on Microwave Sub-Group


  1. Welcome and general business - Ralph Ferraro (15 min)
    • Old Actions
      • Subtopic Leads now chosen
      • MW workspace - concept liked, still a work in progress
    • New Members
    • Highlights from the GSICS Users Workshop - Aug 2016
  2. Initial reports from topical area leads (5 minutes each = 15 min)
    • Methodologies (Jun Park, Rachel Kroodsma)
    • Reference Standards (Manik Bali, Isaac Moradi, David Walker)
    • LUT/Correction Tables (Karsten Fennig, Cheng-Zhi Zou, Viju John)
  3. Science Reports (15 minutes each = 45 minutes)
    • Applying Intercalibrated Ka-band data to resolve diurnal temperature cycles - Thomas Holmes
    • The moon as a diagnostic tool for microwave sensors - Martin Burgdorf
    • SMMR-SSMI-SSMIS FCDR - Karsten Fennig
  4. AOB, wrap up, next meetings, etc.


Guest Chair: Ralph Ferraro

CNR: Sante Laviola

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Vinia Mattioli, Karsten Fennig

NASA: Rachel Kroodsma, Thomas Holmes

NIST: David Walker

NOAA: Ralph Ferraro, Manik Bali, Cheng-Zhi Zou

University Affiliates - Martin Burgdorf, Johnny Luo


  1. Ralph quickly reviewed the pending old actions, their progress; summarized some of the key items from the 2016 GUW MW session and also welcomed some new members (two of which gave presentations). Details are in his slides.
  2. We heard some initial thoughts, updates and progress from the three subtopical groups that Ralph would like to see lead these critical activities. Details are provided in their slides and some high points are captured below:
  • Methodologies (prepared by Jun Park and Rachel Kroodsma; presented by Rachel)
    • Initially, this group will survey the use of existing methods for passive MW sensors, including double differences between target and reference sensor.
      • Imagers rely on matchups between satellite and earth targets (cold - ocean; warm - vegetation)
      • Sounders rely on SNO and also RTM comparisons with high quality in-situ (e.g., ARM sites, GRUAN, etc.)
      • Use of RTM should have internally consistency - surface emissivity, absorption models, etc.
  • Reference Standards (Manik Bali, Isaac Moradi, David Walker; presentations by Bali and Walker)
    • Continued progress on using NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDR as a reference for the O2 bands; showed results for ATMS.
    • Great progress on NIST blackbody standard target design; the hope is that it will be ready for use by 2019 for ATMS and MWS. Near term it will be tested on some ground radiometers
  • LUT/Correction Tables (prepared by Karsten Fennig, Cheng-Zhi Zou and perhaps Viju John?; presented by Cheng-Zhi and Karsten)
    • MSU-AMSUA-ATMS - exploited IMICA approach to date
    • SMMR-SSMI-SSMIS - Used F-11 as reference; SSMIS and SMMR more difficult
3. Science Reports (details are presented in their slides)
  • Applying Intercalibrated Ka-band data to resolve diurnal temperature cycles - Thomas Holmes

    • Use of L1C MW constellation data to investigate surface temperature and ET
    • Results improved using L1C as compared to L1B
  • The moon as a diagnostic tool for microwave sensors - Martin Burgdorf

    • Work being done as part of Fiduceo project
    • The moon can serve as an excellent source for MW sounders, in the future, maybe they can be part of baseline maneuvers
  • SMMR-SSMI-SSMIS FCDR - Karsten Fennig

    • This work was recently presented at 2016 EUMETSAT conference and IPWG
    • This FCDR will be released shortly and offers unique calibration features compared to similar products generated elsewhere
      • Expansion back to SMMR
      • Use of land targets to improve dynamic range of calibration

Outcome and Actions

  1. The subgroups should continue to evolve their plans and start to meet with the broader MW group. It would be good for each group to conduct at least one meeting (or several email communications) prior to our next tag up (see below, Jan 2017?) and also in preparation for the 2017 GDWG/GRWG.
  2. Ralph to consider setting up subgroup "landing pages" where their plans and interactions can mature faster
  3. Ralph to set up next telecon for sometime in January 2017

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