GSICS Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting


1. Introductions/New Members, agenda review, old business, - Ralph Ferraro (NOAA/NESDIS), Qifeng Lu (CMA) - 10 min

2. Planning for GSICS Annual Meeting (March 2019) - Ralph - 30 min

3. Updates/plans on specific actions and ongoing activities (40 min)
  • These will be supplied as an attachment
4. A check of Lunar Brightness Temperature Models with MHS - Martin Burgdorf (Hamburg Univ.) - 15 min

5. Using Reference Radiosondes to Characterise MW Sounders - Fabien Carminati (UKMO) - 15 min

6. Wrap up - Ralph Ferraro/Qifeng Lu - 5 min


Ralph mentioned the addition of some new members to the group, including Fabien Carmanati (UKMO) and Thomas Lavergne (Norweigen Met. Institute).

The first topic was discussion on the planning for the 2019 Annual GDWG+GRWG meeting (Frascati, Italy, March 4-8, 2019). Ther will be an all-day MW session (Wed, March 6). A very tentative agenda has been developed and will consist of four segments - Invited talks of interest, primarily by the host agency ESA; Review of action items and specific focused talks; WIGOS 2040 white paper development/discussion; MW Imager Constellation Gap. Manik volunteered to spearhead the WIGOS2040 activity since he has already engaged with Mitch Goldberg and Ken Holmlund on this and Ralph has requested a volunteer to lead the MW Imager Gap (Subseqent to the meeting, Qifeng Lu has agreed to lead this session based on his involvement with this topic during 2018). Both of these groups should plan on developing a tiger team, establish well defined goals and outcomes of the sessions, and meet a few times prior to the annual meeting. Specifically, white papers should be established to provide the MW sub-group position on these topics, which will then be provided to key CGMS members and reported on at CGMS-47 (May 2019).

Ralph also mentioned challenges in the time zone differences for remote participation; we might have to fragment the agenda somewhat based on availability of the remote participants.

A lot of time was spent reviewing the action items; progress has been made on several of them, most notably A.GMW.2018.9l.1/A.GMW20181024.3, where a package was received from Wes Berg and Manik has developed a test web page with the information - see The group will have 1 month to comment on this before it is brought to the Exec. Panel for review. Additionally, a draft of the SNO practices paper was developed and can be found at - The updated Action Item list is included as a document.

Finally, two presentations were given: "A check of Lunar Brightness Temperature Models with MHS" by Martin Burgdorf (Hamburg Univ.) and "Using Reference Radiosondes to Characterise MW Sounders" by Fabien Carminati (UKMO). Details of their talks can be found in their attached slides.


A.GMW.20190117.1 - Manik Bali to coordinate a tiger team to develop white paper outline and session on WIGOS2040.

A.GMW.20190117.2 - Ralph Ferraro to determine lead for the MWI constellation gap session. (Subseqent to the meeting, Qifeng Lu has agreed to lead this session).

A.GMW.20190117.3 - Manik to finalize the SNO document based on input received by 17 February 2019 from the MW subgroup

A.GMW.20190117.4 - Manik and Wes to finalize the GPM X-CAL LUT deliverable based on input received by 17 February 2019 from the MW subgroup; upon completion and approval and Ralph and Qifeng, it will be brought to the EP for approval.

Next meeting will take place in the April timeframe.


Guest Chair: Ralph Ferraro

CLS: Bruno Picard

CMA: Qifeng Lu, Shengli Wu

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Viju John, Timo Hanschmann, Karsten Fennig

Hamburg University: Martin Burgdorf, Imke Hans

JAXA: Misako Kachi

JMA: Masaya Takahashi

KMA: Dohy Kim, Jun Park, Minju Kim, Hancheol Lim, Hyeji Yang, Eunkyu Kim

NASA: Ed Kim

NOAA: Ralph Ferraro

NWI: Thomas Lavergne

University of Maryland: Manik Bali, Rachel Kroodsma, John Yang

UKMO: Fabien Carmanati, Christoforos Tsamalis

-- RalphFerraro - 10 Dec 2018

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Carminati_2019_GSICS.pptxpptx Carminati_2019_GSICS.pptx manage 2 MB 15 Jan 2019 - 19:00 RalphFerraro Carminati Slides
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MW-SubGroup-17Jan2019.pptxpptx MW-SubGroup-17Jan2019.pptx manage 240 K 15 Jan 2019 - 18:59 RalphFerraro Ferraro Slides
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