Microwave Sub-Group of the GSICS Research Working Group


NOAA-20 Advance Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) 53.6 GHz image for August 9, 2020. (Image Courtesy of NOAA)


Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission Microwave Imager (GMI) Channels (Image courtesy of NASA)


The Microwave Subgroup of the GSICS Research Working Group promotes data, information and knowledge sharing related to environmental satellite observing system microwave imager and sounder instrument calibration and inter-calibration methods and status for the betterment of weather prediction and climate change detection.


  • Chair(s)
  • Participants
    • (CMA) Songyan Gu, Xiuqing (Scott) Hu, Shengli Wu,
    • (Colorado St. Univ.) Wes Berg
    • (City Univ. of NY) Johnny Luo
    • (Collecte Localisation Satellites) Picard Bruno
    • (CNR Italy) Sante Laviola
    • (DWD) Fennig Karsten
    • (ECMWF) Stephen English, Heather Lawrence
    • (ESA) Craig Donlon
    • (EUMETSAT) Tim Hewison
    • (ISRO) Ram Rattan
    • (JAXA) Misako KACHI, Takashi MAEDA
    • (JMA) M. Takahashi
    • (KMA) Jun Park, Dohyeong Kim, Minju Gu
    • (NASA) Thomas Holmes, Tanvir Islam, Ed Kim, Rachael Krodsma
    • (NIST) Dazhen Gu, Derek Houtz, David Walker
    • (NOAA) Manik Bali, Larry Flynn, Siena Iacovazzi, Lin Lin, Huan Meng, Tony Reale, Bomin Sun, Hu “Tiger” Yang, Cheng-Zhi Zou
    • (NSSC China Ac. Sciences) Xiaolong Dong
    • (Rem. Sens. Sys.) Carl Mears
    • (UK Met Office) Elizabeth Good, Rob King, Christoforos Tsamalis
    • (Univ. Central Florida) Linwood Jones
    • (Univ. Hamburg) Imke Hans, Martin Burgdorf
    • (Univ. of Maryland) Ralph Ferraro, Isaac Moradi, John Xun Yang, Yalei You, Xiaolei Zou
    • (Vanderbilt Univ.) Ralf Bennartz
    • (Yonsei Univ.) Dong-Bin Shin




Items Delivered to GSICS

Recommended Microwave Instrument Cal and Inter-Cal Best Practices

  • To Be Determined

GSICS Quarterly Newsletter Articles


  • Calibration and Characterization of Satellite Borne Microwave Sounders with the Moon by Martin Burgdorf, University of Hamburg (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 15 no. 2) Link
  • Reference Microwave Sounder Instruments for FCDR Development by Cheng-Zhi Zou (NOAA), Hui Xu (UMD), and Xianjun Hao (GMU) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 14 no. 4) Link


  • The Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer Mission (CIMR) by C. Donlon, ESA/ESTEC (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 13 no. 4) Link
  • Improving Spatial Resolution of Microwave Sounder Images through Machine Learning by Likun Wang (RTI/NOAA), Kevin Garrett, Sid Boukabara and Mitch Goldberg(NOAA) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 13 no. 3) Link
  • Achieving inter-operability between Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and GSICS: using GPS-RO as an on-orbit reference for Microwave Satellite sounders by Shu-peng Ho, NOAA (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 13 no. 1) Link


  • Characterization of Numerical Weather Prediction model Biases and uncertainties for Improved Satellite Cal/Val by Fabien Carminati (UKMO), Stefano Migliorini (UKMO), and Bruce Ingleby (ECMWF) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 12 no. 4) Link
  • Microwave inter-calibration activities reported at Microrad 2018 by Vinia Mattioli, EUMETSAT (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 12 no. 3) Link
  • Assessment of Microwave Radiometers On-board Altimetry Missions: Comparison of measured brightness temperatures to simulations by Bruno Picard, Marie-Laure Frery and Mathilde Siméon (CLS, France) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 12 no. 2) Link
  • Assessment and Recalibration of Meteor-M No. 2 Microwave Imager/Sounder MTVZA-GY data in Atmospheric Sounding Channels by D. Gayfulin, M. Tsyrulnikov (Hydrometcenter of Russia) and A. Uspensky (State Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology “Planeta”, Roshydromet) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 12 no. 1) Link


  • Inter-satellite radiometric calibration of cross-track scanning microwave radiometers in GPM constellationby Hamideh Ebrahimi,University of Florida/ University of Central Florida Gainesville, FL (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 11 no. 4) Link
  • Creating a Multi-decadal Oceanic Microwave Brightness Dataset: Three-way Inter-satellite Radiometric Calibration between GMI, TMI and Windsat by Ruiyao Chenand W. Linwood Jones (UCF) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 11 no. 3) Link


  • Harmonization and Recalibration: A FIDUCEO perspective By Emma Woolliams (National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK), Jon Mittaz (NPL and University of Reading (UOR)), Chris Merchant (UOR) and Arta Dilo (NPL) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 10 no. 2) Link
  • The Moon as a diagnostic tool for microwave sensors by Martin Burgdorf, T. Lang, S. Michel, S. A. Buehler and I. Hans (Universität Hamburg) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 10 no. 2) Link


  • Channel frequency shifts, drifts and uncertainties in microwave soundingobservations by William Bell, Met Office, UK (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 9 no. 4) Link
  • Reflector Emission Correction for ATMS Calibration by Hu Yang and Fuzhong Weng, NOAA (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 9 no. 4) Link
  • Inter-calibration of the GPM Radiometer Constellation by Wesley Berg, (CSU) and Rachael Kroodsma, NASA (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 9 no. 4) Link


SPECIAL MICROWAVE ISSUE (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 8 no. 1) Link for All
  • Inter-calibration of Microwave Satellite Data: An Ongoing Challengeby Isaac Moradi ESSIC/CICS, University of Maryland and Ralph Ferraro, NOAA
  • Use of Allan Deviation for ATMS Noise Characterization by Fuzhong Weng, NOAA
  • The Fundamental Climate Data Record of SSM/I Brightness Temperatures from CM SAF by Karsten Fennig, Marc Schröder and Axel Andersson, Deutscher Wetterdienst
  • GPM Microwave Radiometer Inter-Calibration using Vicarious Cold Calibration by Rachael Kroodsma, NASA
  • On-Orbit ATMS Lunar Contamination Corrections by Hu Yang,ESSIC/CICS, University of Maryland, and Fuzhong Weng, NOAA
  • Identifying AMSR2 Oceanic Calibration Biases by Suleiman Alsweiss, Zorana Jelenak, Paul S. Chang, and Jun Park, NOAA
  • Inter-calibration of Observations from SAPHIR and ATMS instruments by Isaac Moradi, ESSIC/CICS, University of Maryland, Ralph Ferraro, NOAA
  • The Intercalibration of Three Decade of Satellite Microwave Observations for Ocean Climate Research by Frank Wentz, Remote Sensing Systems
  • Inter-Calibration of AMSU-A Window Channels by Wenze Yang, ESSIC/CICS, University of Maryland, Huan Meng, and Ralph Ferraro, NOAA
  • Creating a Microwave Based FCDR for Tropospheric Humidity: Initial Assessment of SSM/T-2 Radiances by Viju O. John, EUMETSAT, UKMO, and Eui-Seok Chung, RSMAS, University of Miami




  • The Development of AMSU FCDR’s and TCDR’s for Hydrological Applications by H. Meng, R. Ferraro, W. Yang, I. Moradi, and C. Divaraj, [NOAA] (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 6 no. 4) Link
  • MSU/AMSU-A Inter-Satellite Calibration for Atmospheric Temperature Trend Monitoring by Dr. Cheng-Zhi Zou, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 6 no. 2) Link
  • NOAA Workshop on Climate Data Records from Satellite Passive Microwave Sounders – AMSU/MHS/SSMT2 by Drs. R. Ferraro and H. Meng [STAR]; Z. Luo [CCNY]; and W. Yang, C. Devaraj, I. Moradi [CICS] (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 5 no. 2) Link
  • Inferring NOAA-14 MSU Ch 2 and NOAA-15 AMSU-A Ch 5 Relative Measurement Errors by Drs. R. Iacovazzi, Jr., C. Cao, and S.-A. Boukabara (NOAA) (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 3 no. 2) Link
  • SSM/I Intersensor Calibration Produces Improved Climate Trends by Drs. F. Weng, S. Yang, N. Sun, and B. Yan, [NOAA/NESDIS] (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 3 no. 1) Link
  • SNO Analysis Captures NOAA-16 AMSU-A Channel 4 Instability by Dr. R. Iacovazzi, Jr. [NOAA] (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 2 no. 1) Link
  • NIST/NOAA Meeting on Climate Data Records from MSU Observations Drs. C. Zou [NOAA] and R. Datla [NIST] (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 1 no. 3) Link
  • The GPM Inter-Satellite Calibration Study by Drs. C. Kummerow [Colorado State Univ.]; C. Ruf [Univ. of Michigan]; and T. Wilheit [Texas A&M Univ.] (GSICS Quarterly Vol. 1 no. 2) Link


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