GRWG/GDWG Web Meeting 2013-12-03

GSICS Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting

Topic: GSICS Review of NOAA MSU/AMSU Radiance Fundamental Climate Data Record


  1. Dr. Cheng-Zhi Zou/NOAA: Openning remarks, 5 minutes
  2. Dr. Fangfang Yu/NOAA: GPPA Review, 10 minutes
  3. Dr. Cheng-Zhi Zou/NOAA: NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDR: 40 minutes
  4. Dr. Isaac Moradi/UMD: Review of NOAA MSU/AMSU Radiance FCDR Products, 8 minutes
  5. Dr. Wenze Yang/UMD: Inter-Calibration of AMSU-A Window Channels, 15 minutes
  6. Dr. Tanvir Islam/NOAA: GSICS Review of MSU/AMSU FCDR, 8 minutes
  7. Dr. Chabitha Devaraj/SDSU: GSICS Review of NOAA Product, 8 minutes
  8. Dr. Manik Bali/NOAA: Summary of Review of NOAA MSU/AMSU Radiance FCDR Products, 10 minutes
  9. Dr. Lawrence Flynn/NOAA: Presenting Certificates of Appreciation to the Reviewers, 10 minutes
  10. All members: disucssing future activities for the Microwave Sub-Group: 20-30 minutes: topics may include, but are not limited to:
    • special issue on microwave in GSICS Quarterly Newsletters
    • involvement in annual GRWG meeting in next March
    • invite non-members as experts to the meeting
    • Including active MW sensors in the sub-group or it is better for them to form a separate sub-group
  11. Dr. Cheng-Zhi Zou/NOAA: Concluding remarks, 2 minutes


Chair: Cheng-Zhi Zou (NOAA)

CMA: Qifeng Lu

DWD: Karsten Fenning+3

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison , Joerg Ackerman, Sreerekha Thonipparambil, Sabatino Di Michele, Vinia Mattiol

KMA: Jun Park

NASA: Ed Kim

NOAA: Manik Bali, Larry Flynn, Tanvir Islam, Jian Li, Huan Meng, Fangfan Yu, Cheng-Zhi Zou

SDSU: Chabitha Devaraj

UMD: Isaac Moradi, Wenze Yang


The purpose of the meeting was to review NOAA MSU/AMSU radiance FCDR data products for GSICS demonstration.

Dr. Fangfang Yu first introduced GSICS procedure for product acceptance including submission phase, demonstration phase, preoperational phase, and operational phase.

Dr. Cheng-Zhi Zou reviewed the NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDR product including methodology, data production, validation, application, and operational distribution. The MSU/AMSU FCDR is currently operational distributed by NOAA NCDC. It was noted that the documentation, quality assurance, naming convension, and code standardization process prepared for this NOAA operational distribution also satisfy requirements for GSICS desmonstration.

Dr. Wenze Yang presented results of applying the SNO inter-calibration approach to the AMSU-A window channels. This was very interesting since there were concerns that diurnal dirft effects maybe an issue when applying the SNO approach in windown channels. It is very encouraging to see good results were obtained uisng the SNO approach in window channels.

Drs.Chabitha Devaraj, Tanvir Islam, and Isaac Moradi presented their reviews on the NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDR. These reviews were overall positive on GSICS acceptance for demonstration.

After the review presentation, Dr. Manik Bali summarized the reviewing results including both presented in the meeting and those in written froms received from emails. Based on the reviews, the NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDR data products were accepted for GSICS demonstration.

Dr. Larry Flynn presented Certificates of Appreciation to the reviwers to aknowledge their contribution to the GSICS review process. A total of eight reviewers received the Certificate of Appreciation; they are: Suleiman Alsweiss (NOAA), Chabitha Devaraj (SDSU), Tanvir Islam (NOAA), Viju John (EUMETSAT), Issac Moradi (UMD), Steve Po-Chedley (UW), Wenze Yang (UMD), and Tyler Thorsen (UW).

Finally, the Sub-Group members discussed topics related to active sensors, involvement in next GRWG meeting next March, and special issue on microwave sesnsors in GSICS Quarterly Newsletters.


Action: i) GCC to consider recommend to EP on moving the NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDR products into preoperational phase

ii) Cheng-Zhi Zou to consider the topics and schedule the next GSICS Microwave Sub-Group Meeting

iii) Cheng-Zhi Zou to update on possibilities to attend GRWG meeting

[23 Dec 2013 ] MW FCDR accepted by EP in Pre-Op stage

Following this meeting the product was accepted in the GSICS as in Demo phase. On 23 Dec 2013 GCC made a reccomendation to the Executive Panel to accepted this product GSICS in Pre-Op stage. This reccomendation was accepted and the related document is demo_preop.pdf:

It is further envisaged that once Cheng-Zhi has resources then one the product logs and usage reports are available the product can go to Operational phase.
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GSICS_Review_Summarry.pptxpptx GSICS_Review_Summarry.pptx manage 644 K 02 Dec 2013 - 22:49 UnknownUser Manik Bali's Summary of AMSUA/MSU FCDR Reviews
GSICS_Review_Tanvir_Islam.pptxpptx GSICS_Review_Tanvir_Islam.pptx manage 739 K 03 Dec 2013 - 07:02 ChengZhiZou Dr. Islam's Presentation slides
NOAA_Product_Review_Devaraj.pptxpptx NOAA_Product_Review_Devaraj.pptx manage 75 K 02 Dec 2013 - 16:24 ChengZhiZou Dr. Devaraj's Presentation
Zou_GSICS_12032013_NOAA_MSU_AMSU_FCDR.pdfpdf Zou_GSICS_12032013_NOAA_MSU_AMSU_FCDR.pdf manage 1 MB 24 Nov 2013 - 13:51 ChengZhiZou Presentation slides describing the NOAA MSU/AMSU FCDR for GSICS Product review
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