GRWG VIS/NIR Web Meeting 2014-09-16

GSICS GRWG/GDWG Web Meeting on Lunar Calibration Workshop Preparation

  1. Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) - Recap of the planning as foreseen in June and summary of the current status
    (production of SRF files in n etCDF, GIRO, organization, etc.)
  2. Bart Viticchie & Tom Stone (USGS) - The GIRO: validation and testing against the USGS ROLO model
  3. All - Round-table with a summary by the various teams of the level of preparation of the datasets:
    current status, issues, date for an early delivery (data screening before the workshop)
  4. Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT) - Practicalities:
    a. General discussion on the feasibility of holding the workshop on the targeted date
    b. Invitation letters
    c. Possibility for participants to bring a laptop with GIRO or if we should arrange to use EUMETSAT PCs
    d. Any other business
This is a follow-up from the previous web meeting on Lunar Calibration Workshop Preparation.

You can find the information regarding the GIRO on the Lunar calibration algorithm portal page.


Guest Chair: Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT)

CNES: Bertrand Fougnie, Sophie Lacherade

EUMETSAT: Sebastien Wagner, Bartolomeo Viticchie, Tim Hewison

JMA: Masaya Takahashi, Arata Okuyama

KIOST: Seongick Cho

KMA: Tae-Hyeong Oh

NASA: Gerhard Meister, Jack Xiong, Zhipeng Wang, Lawrence Ong

NOAA: Fangfang Yu, Jason Choi, Manik Bali

USGS: Tom Stone

VITO: Stefan Adriaensen


Bart showed the results of the validation of the lunar irradiances calculated from GIRO against Tom's implementation at USGS, which showed very small biases, with a few outlier cases, but all <<<0.1%. It was agreed that this level of agreement was acceptable and decided that we should go ahead and roll-out this version of GIRO in the 2nd release. This will be published on the GSICS Wiki as a password-protected gzip'd tar file. It was confirmed that this release will be based on an executable. Source code will be distributed at some point after the workshop has taken place.

10 groups reported the readiness of their datasets and SRFs, and availability to participate in the workshop. Based on this, the proposed workshop dates of 1-4 December 2014 seemed to be acceptable to everyone. The decision to confirm these dates will confirmed as soon as possible to allow participants to make travel arrangements.

  • Sebastien encouraged participants to contact Masaya for help generating netCDF version of the SRFs for their instruments.
  • Sebastien encouraged participants to contact him & Bart if they encounter problems with the GIRO release.
  • Participants requiring letters of invitation should contact Sebastien as soon as possible.
  • Workshop participants are encouraged to prepare a laptop either able to run Linux natively, or allow remote access to a Linux machine at their institute, where GIRO is to be installed.
  • We also discussed the possibility to make the tool to convert SRF to netCDF available online. Masaya explained that this was not yet possible, but he plans to follow this up at the next GDWG meeting.

Action: Masaya to report on possibility of publishing tool to convert SRFs to netCDF at the 2015 GDWG meeting.
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