-- RalphFerraro - 11 May 2017

GRWG Microwave Sub-Group Web Meeting 2017-06-22, 1100 UTC

GSICS Web Meeting on Microwave Sub-Group


  1. Welcome and general business - Ralph Ferraro (5 min)
    • Old Actions
    • New Members
  2. Updates from topical area leads (5 min each - 15 min)
    • Methodologies (Jun Park, Rachel Kroodsma)
    • Reference Standards (Manik Bali, Isaac Moradi, Derek Houtz)
    • LUT/Correction Tables (Karsten Fennig, Cheng-Zhi Zou, Viju John)
  3. Outcome of the 2017 GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting (20 min each - 40 min)
    • Summary/Highpoints (Tim Hewison)
    • Microwave Subgroup session (Ralph Ferraro)
      • Action Items and path forward
  4. Science Reports (20 min each - 40 min)
    • GAIA-CLIM project - MW biases (Stephen English/Heather Lawrence)
    • GRUAN-RTM bias project (Tony Reale et al.)
  5. AOB, wrap up, next meetings, etc. (5 min)


Guest Chair: Ralph Ferraro



ECMWF: Heather Lawrence

EUMETSAT:Tim Hewison, Vinia Mattoli, Karsten Fennig




JMA: Masaya Takahashi, Yusuke Yogo

KMA: Dohy Kim. Minju Gu

NASA: Rachel Kroodsma


NOAA: Ralph Ferraro, Cheng-Zhi Zou, Tony Reale

University Affiliates: Martin Burgdorf


Ralph opened the meeting, mentioned that the old action was primarily to get ready for the 2017 Annual GRWG/GDWG and presented the membership list, which now includes S. English and H. Lawrence from ECMWF.

We heard brief updates from the topical lead groups, summarized below (and also in the slides):
  • Methodologies - Rachel discussed some ideas her and Jun Park have had on the topic, their next step is to populate the Wiki Page with relevant references and also links to various web sites that are doing sensor monitoring
  • Reference Standards - None
  • LUT/Correction Tables - Both Cheng-Zhi and Karsten presented initial thoughts on the feasibility of adopting the MSU/AMSU and SSMI CDR's as GSICS products. It appears that the MSU/AMSU CDR will be easier to adopt than the SSMI, however, the next step is to do a deeper dive into this through coordination with the GDWG (Masaya was on the telecon as a result of an action assigned to him at the 2017 GRWG/GDWG
Both Tim and Ralph presented outcomes from the GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting (see slides attached). Tim noted topics of synergy with other subgroups, mostly in the area of RT modeling and use of GRUAN. Ralph noted the highlights of the MW session and the first set of actions assigned to us, in fact, some of them are already being worked on. This includes the feasibility studies conducted by Karsten and Cheng-Zhi, GRUAN (Tony's talk below). Ralph is also tasked to develop a database of all of the MW sensors and their attributes. It was noted that the OSCAR and GAIA CLIM web sites have much of this information. The complete list of actions can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11-U2XDE7J5cHYjksRsZ5WGFVXMyw_hgEz5XG1RG4BoY/edit?ts=58f8b90c#gid=681607384.

Heather Lawrence (ECMWF) gave an overview of the GAIA-CLIM project, which includes the use of GRUAN data sets. Details in her slides. Tony Reale followed with his plans for using GRUAN data to determine uncertainties of MW sensors; this was a new action from the 2017 meeting. It was obvious from the two presentations that there are strong linkages between the two programs, so future collaborations are envisioned.

Outcomes and Actions

  • Kroodsma/Park - Post relevant papers and monitoring links to the MW Subgroup Workspace
  • Ferraro to set up telecon with Zou, Fennig, Bali, Takahashi to determine next steps for MSU/AMSU and SSMI GSICS product
  • Anyone interested in helping Ferraro put the sensor database together would be appreciated!
  • Reale and Lawrence to continue to build collaborations regarding use of GRUAN
  • Ferraro to schedule next MW subgroup meeting in approximately 3 months (Sept/Oct)
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