GDWG Web Meeting 2017-11-08, 1130 - 1330 UTC

Progress Meeting on GDWG Activities


  1. Masaya Takahashi (JMA) - Brief Report of GSICS-EP-18 on GDWG activities
  2. Jin Woo (KMA) – Current Stats and Plans for Using GDWG GitHub
  3. Zhe "Thomas" Xu (CMA) – Current Status of CMA GSICS Collaboration Server
  4. Manik Bali (NOAA) – Current Status of NOAA Mirror Website
  5. Manik Bali (NOAA) – Updates of the GSICS Action Tracking Tool
  6. Rob Roebeling (EUMETSAT) – Instrument Event Logging


Guest Chair: Masaya Takahashi

CMA: Zhe "Thomas" Xu

EUMETSAT: Peter Miu, Rob Roebeling, Tim Hewison

JMA: Masaya Takahashi, Yusuke Yogo

KMA: Jin Woo, Dohyeong Kim

NOAA: Manik Bali

WMO: Toshiyuki Kurino


Masaya Takahashi briefly reported GSICS-EP-18 discussions and actions relevant to GDWG activities; GDWG Fact Sheet, future GDWG chairing, and GRWG/GDWG joint activity to propose a template for Annual GSICS Report on the State of the Observing System with respect to Instrument Performance and Inter-comparisons with GSICS Reference Instruments. He thanked Doheyong Kim to lead drafting the template. It would be further discussed at the forthcoming web meeting or Annual meeting.

Jin Woo reported the progress on using GitHub for maintaining and developing GDWG tools, codes, server configuration files and so on. GDWG members agreed to start this activity at the 2017 GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting in Madison. KMA kindly created the GDWG GitHub repository in April 2017. KMA, EUMETSAT and JMA created their account, and other GDWG members were also encouraged to create the accounts. GSICS Bias Plotting Tool codes and documents were committed by EUMETSAT in June 2017. KMA checked out the codes to their GitLab repository and tried to install that. Currently KMA has problems on the installation, so Peter Miu kindly offered to provide supports. For further collaboration, Peter proposed to commit scripts on the GSICS Collaboration Server such as automatic file sorting and citing. Details will be discussed at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Zhe “Thomas” Xu made a report on GDWG activities at CMA:
  • Correction of the CMA GPRC website contents and an integration of the website into CMA NSMC Web Portal
  • Launch of Instrument Performance Monitoring, Instrument Status and Instrument Landing Page on the website
  • Synchronisation of CMA Collaboration Server with the EUMETSAT Server
The group highly appreciated CMA’s great progress on each activity. He noted that getting EUMETSAT SEVIRI-IASI Operational products work well but it is not operationally monitored. EUMETSAT and NOAA were asked whether they already have such monitoring system (or a script) or not. Manik Bali kindly agreed to check if their scripts are applicable for the purpose. As for the mirroring CMA products on the EUMETSAT server, Peter asked Thomas to put their products to EUMETSAT server, which is the same way that JMA and KMA are doing and it was agreed.

Manik Bali firstly reported the status on mirroring GSICS products on the NOAA Collaboration Server. NOAA has a robust FTP Server with enough disk area to copy entire time length of the GSICS relevant data and the GSICS products are downloaded via wget once each month. It was also noted that NOAA is sorting out security issues and the most likely system would be up next January.

Manik also reported the updates on the GSICS Action Page. This page imports Actions/Recommendations/Decisions in meetings. GSICS actions were previously monitored on the GSICS Wiki, but GRWG requested GCC/GDWG to provide an alternative action tracking page to handle increasing number of actions/recommendations/decisions. The actions(A), recommendations(R) and decisions(D) listed on the meeting minutes or the Wiki with appropriate action naming convention are imported to the Google spreadsheets and then the action page is created on the GCC website. GCC did several updates on the tool: for example, any actions on the Wiki/webpages including EP actions can be imported to the action page. The participants thanked GCC to develop this useful tool and requested further updates:
  • The integration of actions from all meetings into one spreadsheet - to avoid having to search multiple documents for the outcomes previous meetings
  • Classifying all the actions to speperate tabs. Eg WG/GCC/EP worksheet tabs
  • Added new buttons. Each button for each meeting (Eg Annual, EP, GUW )
  • Ability to import actions directly from Meeting Minutes uploaded as a Google doc without human intervention
  • Ability to import actions directly from wiki pages of the meeting

Manik recommended that members follow the action id format that was agreed upon in GSICS and proposed by GDWG last year. This action id is the key to an accurate parsing of the actions/recommendations/decisions.

Manik weIcomed members/users of the action tracker to provide suggestions for further improvement. Google Actions sheet page can be accessed here . At this time, the google sheet of the action tracker is shared between UMD and NOAA. In the future pathways to sink the google sheet with Zoho can be explored.

Rob Roebeling reported the current status of the instrument event logging activity. Firstly, he asked the participants to check the task team member. Toshi Kurino asked him to add Volker Gartner to the WMO representative. At the 2017 GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting, it was agreed to add “Relevant Documents” category to the concept of standard instrument landing pages which are linked from WMO-OSCAR website. Rob encouraged each agency to add this new category if possible. He also asked each agency to check their landing page URLs on Rob’s spreadsheet which contains all agencies’ landing page URLs (after the web meeting, CMA new landing page URLs were informed by Yuan Li). It was then discussed to move forward – adopting common nomenclature and data standards for event logging. He pointed that the work needs people who have deep knowledge of the event logging systems and databases at each agency. It will be further discussed at the next GSICS Annual Meeting.

At the end of the meeting, Tim Hewison asked the group to propose GRWG/GDWG cross-cutting topics to be discussed at the next GSICS Annual Meeting. The group commented that action tracking pages, instrument event logging, and GDWG GitHub could be the items.


A.GDWG.20171108.1: Manik Bali (NOAA) to provide script that can check uptime of THREDDS servers and product updates on the THREDDS servers that are shared via the collaboration server.

A.GDWG.20171108.2: Manik Bali (NOAA) to integrate GSICS actions from all meetings into one spreadsheet to avoid having to search multiple documents for the outcomes previous meetings.

A.GDWG.20171108.3: Rob Roebeling (EUMETSAT) to update the URLs of all the instrument event logging pages and each agency to confirm the URLs.

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