GRWG/GDWG Web Meeting 2015-04-23

GSICS Web Meeting to Review 2015 annual meeting outcomes and GSICS Basic Documents

  1. Tim Hewison (GRWG Chair) – Review Actions, Decisions and Recommendations of Plenary and GRWG sessions
  2. Masaya Takahashi (GDWG Co-Chair) – Review Actions of GDWG sessions
  3. Jerome Lafeuille (WMO secretariat) – Review of GSICS Basic Documents
  4. Peter Miu (GDWG Co-Chair) – Review Draft GDWG Report for Exec Panel meeting
  5. Tim Hewison (GRWG Chair) - Review Draft GRWG Report for Exec Panel meeting
  6. Manik Bali (GCC- Deputy Dir) -Review of Template and Proposed Doc Management System
  7. Manik Bali (GCC-Deputy Dir) -Review GCC Action Items

GSICS Basic Documents for Review

Here are the basic documents drafted by Jerome for review at the meeting:
  1. PPT to support the web meeting
  2. Proposed doc template
  3. Proposed Document Plan
  4. Vision (in the proposed template)
  5. GSICS Functions and organization (proposed to replace the GSICS IP)
  6. Preliminary draft of GSICS User Guide
  7. Sketch of a User Requirements Document
... in a decreasing order of maturity.


CMA: Xu Zhe (Thomas), Lin Chen, Scott Hu

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Peter Miu

JMA: Masaya Takahasi, Arata Okuyama, Hidehiko Murata

NOAA: Fred Wu, Manik Bali, Larry Flynn, Ralph Ferraro, Fang Fang

WMO: Jerome Lafeuille


The key outcomes of the 2015 annual GRWG/GDWG meeting were reviewed and draft reports for the Exec Panel presented.

It was suggested that better examples are given to illustrate the requirements for different application areas in the question of how frequently to apply GSICS corrections.

Fred and Manik agreed to revise the action on providing the GPAT on uncertainty analysis.

Jerome provided an overview of the proposed set of GSICS Documentation. This was discussed and the following revisions suggested:
  • Documentation procedure and distribution plans are needed.
  • The proposed Science Plan would be difficult to maintain, so it could be removed.
  • The GSICS Functions and Organisation documents (which may be renamed) should included ToRs for members, outlining their expected contribution levels.
  • The sections of the GSICS Functions and Organisation document outlining the inter-calibration methodologies are too detailed and could be reduced. It may be possible to use text from the Review of Inter-Calibration of Satellite Instruments [ doi:10.1109/TGRS.2012.2228654]
  • It was agreed that owners should be identified for each of the documents, who are responsible for maintaining them.
GCC Review of the documents:

Larry had reviewed the documents and did not find any show stoppers. Main concern was how would we prepare the GSICS Users Requirement Document because producers are the main users of the GSICS product.

Recently GCC reviewed the GSICS User Guide Format that Tim Hewison had prepared and found it to be ok and suggested that the document could be provided to KMA as they are preparing the documents for their product in the coming future. In this way we can get feedback about the document.Tim mentioned that this guide is different from the one posted during product acceptance (in downloadable form from GSICS Product Catalog).

Manik Bali suggested that Jerome's templates can aquire more maturity if given to users. Jerome informed that WIGOS, one of the users of the documents, do not have a definate template in stone and are not in a position to give a feedback as yet on the templates.

Visit to Indian Institute of Science- Bangalore

Manik Bali was invited at the Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Science ( CAOS) @ Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore , India. During the visit he gave talk on GSICS products and algorithms which generated considerable interest in the audience at CAOS. The Chairman Ravi Nanjundiah inquired if GSICS could hold a workshop at CAOS so that members are trained inusing GSICS products. A match with Microwave Sub-Group of GSICS could be established.

CAOS has used satellite intercalibration to study monsoons which predates GSICS.

Tim suggested that we can explore to collocate a MW meeting at CAOS.
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