GRWG/GDWG Web Meeting 2019-11-22

GSICS Web Meeting on Planning 2020 GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting


  1. Scott Hu (CMA) - Introduction
  2. Lawrence E Flynn (NOAA) - GSICS Coordination Centre Topics
  3. Likun Wang (NOAA) - IR Sub-group topics
  4. Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT) - EUMETSAT proposed topics
  5. Dohyeong Kim (KMA) – logistics


Chair: Xiuqing "Scott" Hu (CMA)

CMA: Xiuqing "Scott" Hu, Qifeng

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Rose Munro, Sebastien Wagner, Dorothee Coppens, Viju John

ESA: Paolo Castracane

IMD: A.K.Mitra

JMA: Masaya Takahashi, Kazuki, Arata Okuyama, Yusuke Yogo

KMA: Dohyeong Kim, Minju Gu, Hyeji, Take-Hyeong

NASA: Dave Doelling

NOAA: Fangfang Yu, Andy Heidinger, Robbie Iacovazzi, Larry Flynn, Manik Bali, Likun Wang, Hui Xu, Quahua ("Mark") Liu

USGS: Tom Stone

Zoho Spreadsheet for Agenda


Mini Conference (Day-1 am, 08:30-13:00)

  • Chair: ( Typically Host)
  • KMA EO programmes, mission status activities liked to GSICS, CEOS/WGCV, and FCDR
  • Topics from agencies outside KMA would also be appreciated.
Plenary (Day-1 pm to Day-2)

  • Day-1 pm to Day-2 am: GRWG/GDWG/GCC + Agency Report
    • Chair: Xiuqing "Scott" Hu and Fangfang Yu
    • 20 minutes for each incl. discussion
    • GEO operating agencies would be asked to prepare Annual GSICS Report, the template of which will be discussed through gsics-dev.
  • Day-2 pm: Cross-cutting topics
    • Special session on re-calibration/re-processing incl. data dissemination
      • Chair: TBD
    • Special sessions suggested by Larry and others
    • Other topics: New GSICS Products, Products Catalog, Action Tracking, ...
    • 1. Discussion on Users feedback (on feedbacks from Andy Heidinger and other users including myself and FIDUCEO community). (Mini Conference ): Goal: Actions for GSICS Product producers

      2. RTM/NWP Vs Observed GSICS biases, a discussion started by Larry via email, comparisons with models. (Special or Mini): Goal: Actions on who, when, where and how to check consistency of GSICS and (O-F) biases.

      LF-1. We should be able to close the circle on bias differences among O minus F from NWP and from GSICS products. That is, if the NWP bias corrections for two different measurements differ by 0.4K and the GSICS bias corrections differ by 0.1K, is the 0.3K difference in the differences within the uncertainties, or can it be attributed to some known deficiency.

      LF-2. Using O minus F from NWP, GPSRO, GRUAN matchups, Pseudo-Invariant Calibration Sites, or statistical studies (open ocean / Rayleigh, deep convective clouds) as transfers to estimate inter-instrument biases can involve radiative transfer model (RTM) calculations. We will need to know how the RTMs perform to get to traceable quantities.

      3. Inter-Calibration/References in VIS (Lunar, SNPP/J1/VIIRS et) (Sub sessions) Goal: Actions on reference migration and status

      4. Interoperability between GSICS GRUAN and GNSS (MW Session)

      5. GCC Topics (Updates on Action Tracker, GCC) (Plenary Session)

      6. What can GSICS provide CDR and FCDR creators? What do they want?

      7. What can GSICS provide to small satellite operators to help them quickly move to validated products?

    • Werner Baloh will take over Toshi's role of GSICS secretariat
GRWG VIS/NIR Sub-Group (Day-3)
GRWG MW Sub-Group (Day-3)

Chair: Quanhua Lu, Qifeng Lu and Manik Bali

Proposed Topics

1. Observing Systems

Active MW Sensor Status and Cal/Val (e.g., DPR, ASCAT)

Passive MW Sensor Status and Cal/Val (e.g., ATMS, AMSU, MHS; ASMR; SSMI; GPM-x; and MW Sensor vs NWP)

2. MW Sensor Pre-Launch Calibration and characterization

3. Microwave Instrument Fundamental Climate Data Records

4. Inter-operability Between Observing System and User Forum (GRUAN, WIGOS, COSMIC, NWP Requirements and Feedback, etc)
GRWG IR Sub-Group (Day-4)

Chair: TBD
GRWG UV Sub-Group (Day-4)

  • Chair: Rosemary Munro and Larry Flynn
GDWG (Day-3 and -4)

  • Chair: TBD
    • Updates on Action Tracker (algorithm and Visualization standpoint)
    • New GSICS Product Catalog Prototype (download and plotting Scripts )
    • New Wiki server
    • Baseline Reviews – actions, website, products metadata/structures
    • GSICS Collaboration Servers - Configuration, data access services, and mirroring (CMA, EUMETSAT, ISRO, NOAA)
    • Visualization of GSICS Products - GSICS Plotting Tool
    • Use of GitHub for GSICS developments
    • Event logging incl. Instrument Calibration Landing Pages
    • GSICS websites (WMO GSICS Portal, Wiki)
Plenary (Day-5)

Cross-cutting issues
    • Chair: GCC (Larry Flynn/Manik Bali)
  • Reporting Outcomes & Planning Future Meetings
    • Chair: GRWG Chair/Vice-Chair (Xiuqing "Scott" Hu/Fangfang Yu)
    • Planning GSCIS Users Workshop 2020 or beyond

The in-site registration will take place on the lobby in front of Bloom A (Plenary Session) in GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO on Monday 16th March 2020 from 08:00 until start of the
meetings and during all coffee breaks.

Note: GSICS-2020 web site for pre-registration will be opened in the middle of November:

2019 and noticed to all participants as a second announcement


Webmeeting Details

When: Friday 22 November 2019 12:30-15:00 Europe Time.

Meeting number (access code): 957 051 863

Host key: 457289

Meeting password: Small letters ( acronym of Global Space Based Intercalibration System)

+44-203-478-5289 United Kingdom toll
Tap here to call (mobile phones only, hosts not supported): tel:%2B44-203-478-5289,,*01*957051863%23%23*01*

Can't join the meeting? Contact support here:

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