GDWG Web Meeting 2019-01-23, 1130 - 1330 UTC

Progress Meeting on GDWG Activities


  1. Toshiyuki Kurino (WMO) - WMO New Mini Site for GSICS Web and Link from OSCAR/Space to GSICS Inter-calibration Page
  2. Munn Shukla (ISRO) – Current Status and Plans of ISRO THREDDS
  3. Zhe "Thomas" Xu (CMA), Peter Miu (EUMETSAT) and Manik Bali (NOAA) – Status of Mirroring GSICS Products among Collaboration Servers
  4. NOAA GDWG – Action Status: Action Tracker, New Prototype Product Catalog, Wiki Migration
  5. Masaya Takahashi (JMA) – Updates of GDWG Recommendation to GSICS Action Tracking Tool
  6. All – Preparation for GDWG discussion topics at 2019 GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting


Chair: Masaya Takahashi

CMA: Zhe (Thomas) Xu

EUMETSAT: Peter Miu, Tim Hewison

ISRO: Nitrant Dube, Munn Shukla, Pradeep Thapliyal

JMA: Masaya Takahashi, Yusuke Yogo, Kazuki Kodera

KMA: Jin Woo

NOAA: Larry Flynn, Manik Bali, Fred Wu

WMO: Toshiyuki Kurino


WMO introduced the updates of the new WMO GSICS Portal. Good process was made in the page, and the page has been reorganised and is expected to be accessible by members externally. An addition of GSICS icon next to a hyperlink to Instrument Landing Page on the WMO OSCAR/Space was also presented. WMO asked GDWG members to review them and discuss at the Annual Meeting in March. WMO is expected to attend the meeting.

ISRO has made great progress on their THREDDS server and have implemented a version of the GSICS product plotting tool. The ISRO tool can plot NRTC GSICS products, and this function is not available from the EUMETSAT GSICS plotting tool so it was agree to work on these tools in the Annual Meeting. ISRO is invited to attend the GDWG breakout session to work on these two long standard activities.

CMA presented the testing of the synchronisation scripts provided by EUMETSAT. It was reported that they work successfully, but unfortunately CMA cannot use them operationally at present. ISRO expressed an interest in testing the scripts so EUMETSAT will provide these script with documentation to them before the joint meeting.

NOAA presented updates on four things
  1. Updates on the Action Tracker tool which includes new parser for EP meeting document and addition of new activation button
  2. Presented GSICS data download scripts. Data downloaded from the scripts would be uploaded to the ftp server to create the product Mirror website. The presentations made have provided a realistic THREDDS collaboration environment to complete the synchronisation activity in 2019.
  3. Due to system maintenance overhead crunch, NOAA is exploring of hosting the GSICS Wiki on the a2hosting instead of the ESSIC server as planned earlier. NOAA also reported that WMO does not have the resources to maintain the GSICS Wiki on their infrastructure in Geneva.
  4. A prototype of the new GSICS Product website. This new website has visualization of GSICS products uncorrected biases on standard scene along with bias after applying correction.

JMA proposed new recommendations for the Action Tracking webpage (e.g. removing redundant columns and rephrasing "Deliverable Usage" by "Outcome") where no objection were made. The final decision will be made at Annual Meeting.

JMA further provided the information on the draft agenda relevant to GDWG activities at Annual Meeting and asked members' thoughts on the discussion topics. NOAA (Fred Wu) kindly offered that they would provide the information on ABI Calibration Event Logging.


The following actions are to be closed by GRWG/GDWG Annual Meeting 2019.

A.GDWG.20190123.1: GDWG Chair to chase up action statuses.

A.GDWG.20190123.2: GDWG Chair to ask GDWG Members to submit their topics to present for the GDWG breakout session.
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