2011 GSICS Users' Workshop

This year the GSICS Users' Workshop was again collocated with the EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, which was held in Oslo on 5-9 September 2011.

The GSICS Users' Workshop took place in the Auditorium on the afternoon of Tuesday 6 September, starting 13:00 until 19:00 during a poster session at the conference.

Posters relating to GSICS activities will be grouped for reviewing during the coffee break and after the workshop.

Final Agenda

Introduction to GSICS, Update and Feedback on Current Products Chair: Barbara Ryan (WMO)
13:30   Welcoming remarks Barbara Ryan (WMO)
13:35   An Introduction to GSICS: Organisation, Membership and Scope,
Relationship to SCOPE-CM, GPM X-cal, IVOS & GRUAN
Mitch Goldberg (NOAA)
13:55   GSICS Corrections and Bias Monitoring for IR channels of GEO imagers.
Data Access. Including plans to migrate references & handle diurnal variation
Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT)
14:15   Patmos-X inter-calibration of AVHRR Andy Heidinger (NOAA)
14:30   Users' Feedback on Demonstration Products Fred Wu (NOAA)
15:00   Coffee Break & Poster Viewing Various Artists
    MODIS planned Level 1B Product Uncertainty Index (Poster) Jack Xiong (NASA)
    Development of GSICS Products for solar band channels (Poster) Sebastien Wagner (EUMETSAT)
    Developing GSICS Products for GOES sounders (Poster) Fangfang Yu (NOAA)
    GSICS SEVIRI-IASI Inter-calibration Uncertainty Evaluation (Poster) Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT)
Update on New GSICS Products in Development & Discussion Chair: Mitch Goldberg (NOAA)
15:30   Users' requirements for Common Reference Channels for GEO imagers Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT)
15:40   Calibration results for visible channels of COMS Seung-Hee Ham (SNU)
15:50   Users' requirements for common/optimum algorithms Fred Wu (NOAA)
16:00   GSICS strategy for LEO to LEO products
incl MERSI/MODIS inter-calibration
Tim Hewison (EUMETSAT)
16:10   Update of the AMSU/MSU intercalibrated datasets Cheng-Zhi Zou (NOAA)
16:20   Update on GPM XCAL microwave inter-calibration activities Tom Wilheit (A&M Uni Texas)
16:30   Interaction between GPM XCAL and GSICS Arthur Hou (NASA)
User Requirements for future GSICS Products  
16:50   GSICS Cooperation with EUMETSAT CDR activites Jörg Schulz (EUMETSAT)
17:00   GSICS Cooperation with NOAA CDR activities Jeff Privette (NOAA)
17:10   GSICS Cooperation with NWP bias monitoring activities Roger Saunders (Met Office)
17:20   Requests for future products All users
17:40   Future beta testing All users
18:00   Poster Session - including GSICS section Various Artists
18:30   Concluding Remarks & Close Jerome Lafeuille (WMO) and
GSICS organizing committee

Registered Attendees

EUMETSAT: Tim Hewison, Marianne Koenig, Jo Schmetz, Sebastien Wagner,Jörg Schulz

WMO: Jerome Lafieuille

NOAA: Mitch Goldberg, Fred Wu, Fangfang Yu, Cheng-Zhi Zou, Fengying Sun, Andy Heidinger, Jeff Privette

NASA: Jack Xiong, Arthur Hou, Erich Stocker, Dave Doelling

RMIB: Ilse Decoster

Seoul National University: Seung-Hee Ham, Hyoung-Wook Chun

Texas A&E University: Tom Wilheit

CNES: Didier Renaut

UK Met Office: Viju John, Roger Saunders, Thomas Blackmore

ESSIC/CICS/University of Maryland: Wenze Yang

DWD: Rainer Hollmann, Nathalie Courcoux, Anke Kniffk, Karsten Fennig

-- TimHewison
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