Third Joint GSICS/IVOS Lunar Calibration Workshop - Darmstadt, Germany - 16-19 November 2020

In order to promote further communication and collaboration on lunar calibration, the Third Joint GSICS/CEOS-IVOS Lunar Calibration Workshop was foreseen to be hosted by EUMETSAT in Darmstadt, Germany. Due to the situation with Covid-19, virtual sessions were oganised between the 16th and the 19th of November 2020.

The main objectives of the Third Lunar Calibration Workshop were to share knowledge and expertise on:
  • The latest dedicated space-based, ground-based and airborne lunar observation campaigns, that can help refine the current lunar calibration reference.
  • The preparation of lunar irradiance measurements from observations by the instruments to be monitored.
  • New developments of lunar irradiance models, and to define a framework for inter-comparing the performances of those models over a common set of geometrical and observation conditions.
  • Alternative applications of lunar observations for calibration purposes, for instance in the microwave domain, or post-launch assessments, such as geometric and MTF characterization.
The web meetings addressed the following topics:
  • Measurements and Moon observations: towards SI traceability
  • Lunar calibration and model development
  • Instrument monitoring using lunar calibration
  • Thermal Infrared and microwave remote sensing and lunar observation
  • Alternative applications of lunar observation, including geometric and MTF post-launch characterisation

Two complementary activities were also planned:
  • Lunar irradiance model inter-comparison (coordinated by S. Wagner – EUMETSAT and T. Stone - USGS);
  • Towards a GSICS recommended approach for MTF post-launch characterisation using lunar imagery (coordinated by X. Wu - NOAA).
However, those two specific activities were not discussed in depth during the four-day event due to the limited time of the virtual sessions. Follow-on meetings are foreseen for 2021.

Summary and minutes

The summary of the meeting, together with the list of decisions, actions and recommendations can be found here in attachment .

The minutes of the meeting (presentation and discussions) can be found here in attachment.

Other documents

As part of the meeting's actions, a memo was prepared by the chair and the contributors of the Microwave and Infrared Session on future work and cooperation with GSICS for Microwave Lunar Calibration. A copy of this memo is available here in attachment.

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16/11Lunar model development
UTCChair: Tom Stone / Sebastien Wagner
12:00T. Stone / S. WagnerUSGS / EUMETSATIntroduction to the workshop and to the session160:10
12:10Toru KouyamaAISTLunar Calibration Activities at AIST - An update on SP Lunar Model16a0:20
12:30Sarah TaylorNPLThe Lunar Irradiance Model of ESA (LIME)16b0:20
12:50Matthijs KrijgerESSA new lunar irradiance model based on SCIAMACHY and RELAB data16c0:20
13:10Hugh KiefferCelestial ReasoningsSLIMED: a continuous lunar model algorithm using many instruments16d0:20
13:30Kevin TurpieUniversity of MarylandUpdate on the air-LUSI project to achieve absolute calibration with lunar models16e0:20
13:50All participantsDiscussion16f0:30
17/11Mission monitoring using Lunar Calibration
UTCChair: Sebastien Wagner
12:00Sebastien WagnerEUMETSATIntroduction to the session170:05
12:05Taichiro HashiguchiRESTECMonitoring GCOM-C Radiometric Performances Using Lunar Calibration17a0:20
12:25Masataka ImaiAISTLunar Calibration Activities at AIST - Lunar calibration and micro satellites17b0:20
12:45Maciej NenemanESTECLunar Calibration and Sentinel-3 OLCI17c0:20
Mireya Etxaluze Azkonaga
RALDeriving lunar irradiances from SLSTR lunar acquisition17d0:15
13:20Jason ChoiNOAA
S-NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS Instrument Trending using Lunar and Solar Diffuser Calibrations
13:40Fangfang YuNOAAABI lunar radiometric calibration17f0:20
14:00All participantsDiscussion17g0:30
18/11Microwave mini-session
UTCChair: Vinia Mattioli
12:00Vinia MattioliEUMETSATIntroduction to the session and discussion180:05
12:05Roberto BonsignoriEUMETSATIn-Orbit Verification of MHS Spectral Channels Co-Registration Using the Moon18a0:20
12:25Martin BurgdorfUniversität HamburgCalibration and characterisation of microwave sounders with the Moon18b0:20
12:45Yang Hu (Tiger)University of MarylandLunar Disk Integrated Microwave Brightness Temperature from 23 to 183 GHz18c0:20
13:05Francesco de AngelisEUMETSATFuture EUMETSAT Microwave Missions and Plans for Making Use of Lunar Observations18d0:20
13:25Laura Le BarbierCNESMoon study for IASI instruments inter-comparisons and absolute calibration18e0:20
13:45Flavio Iturbide-SanchezNOAAPotential lunar cal/val activities for next-generation GEO IR sounder18f0:15
14:00All participantsDiscussion18g0:30
19/11Mission monitoring using Lunar Calibration / Alternative usage of lunar imagery
UTCChair: Sebastien Wagner
12:00Sebastien WagnerEUMETSATIntroduction to the session and discussion190:05
12:05Arata OkuyamaJMALunar Calibration and Himawari-8 AHI monitoring19a0:20
12:25Tae-Hyeong OhKMAGK2A AMI Mission Monitoring Using Lunar Calibration19b0:20
12:45All participantsDiscussion19c0:20
13:05Jason ChoiNOAA
NOAA-20 VIIRS Initial On-orbit BBR and MTF Estimations Using the Scheduled Lunar Images
13:25Constantine LukashinNASAARCSTONE: Calibration of Lunar Spectral Reflectance from Space19e0:20
13:45Stephen MaxwellNISTSome update on the Mauna Loa LUSI project 19f0:15
14:00All participantsDiscussion and concluding remarks19g0:30


The list of attendees is available from the minutes.
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16b_SarahTaylor_LIME_Presentation_GSICS.pptxpptx 16b_SarahTaylor_LIME_Presentation_GSICS.pptx manage 3 MB 19 Nov 2020 - 17:53 SebastienWagner  
16c_MatthijsKrijger_ESS-AMM-PP-004-Rev1_LunarWorkshop2020.pptxpptx 16c_MatthijsKrijger_ESS-AMM-PP-004-Rev1_LunarWorkshop2020.pptx manage 52 MB 19 Nov 2020 - 17:55 SebastienWagner  
16d_HughKieffer_LunarModel_SLIMED.pdfpdf 16d_HughKieffer_LunarModel_SLIMED.pdf manage 522 K 19 Nov 2020 - 17:57 SebastienWagner  
16e_KevinTurpie_air-LUSI_Turpie_20201116.pptxpptx 16e_KevinTurpie_air-LUSI_Turpie_20201116.pptx manage 81 MB 19 Nov 2020 - 18:00 SebastienWagner  
17a_TaichiroHashiguchi_GCOM-C_SGLI_201117.pdfpdf 17a_TaichiroHashiguchi_GCOM-C_SGLI_201117.pdf manage 3 MB 19 Nov 2020 - 18:09 SebastienWagner  
17b_MasatakaImai_LunarCal_RISESAT_20201117.pdfpdf 17b_MasatakaImai_LunarCal_RISESAT_20201117.pdf manage 15 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 07:09 SebastienWagner  
17c_MaceijNeneman_S3_OLCI_MoonObservation.pptxpptx 17c_MaceijNeneman_S3_OLCI_MoonObservation.pptx manage 8 MB 19 Nov 2020 - 18:10 SebastienWagner  
17d_MireyaEtxaluze_SLSTR_Lunar_irradiances.pptxpptx 17d_MireyaEtxaluze_SLSTR_Lunar_irradiances.pptx manage 4 MB 20 Nov 2020 - 13:09 SebastienWagner  
17e_JasonChoi_NOAA_VIIRS_SNPP_N20_VIIRS_Lunar_Cal_v2.pptxpptx 17e_JasonChoi_NOAA_VIIRS_SNPP_N20_VIIRS_Lunar_Cal_v2.pptx manage 4 MB 19 Nov 2020 - 18:11 SebastienWagner  
17f_FangfangYu_GOESR_ABILunarCalibration.pdfpdf 17f_FangfangYu_GOESR_ABILunarCalibration.pdf manage 1 MB 19 Nov 2020 - 18:12 SebastienWagner  
18a_RobertoBonsignori_MHS_Coregistration_using_the_Moon.pptxpptx 18a_RobertoBonsignori_MHS_Coregistration_using_the_Moon.pptx manage 5 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:43 SebastienWagner  
18b_MartinBurgdorf_EUM-lunarcal2020.pdfpdf 18b_MartinBurgdorf_EUM-lunarcal2020.pdf manage 632 K 04 Dec 2020 - 09:30 SebastienWagner  
18c_YangHu_MW_GSICS_lunarcal2020.pdfpdf 18c_YangHu_MW_GSICS_lunarcal2020.pdf manage 22 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:30 SebastienWagner  
18d_FrancescoDeAngelis_EUM_MW_lunar_calibration.pdfpdf 18d_FrancescoDeAngelis_EUM_MW_lunar_calibration.pdf manage 1 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:31 SebastienWagner  
18e_LauraLeBarbier_IASI_absolute_calibration_inter-comparisons.pdfpdf 18e_LauraLeBarbier_IASI_absolute_calibration_inter-comparisons.pdf manage 4 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:30 SebastienWagner  
19a_ArataOkuyama_JMA_v1117.pptxpptx 19a_ArataOkuyama_JMA_v1117.pptx manage 6 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:37 SebastienWagner  
19b_TaeHyeongOh_GK2A_AMI_Lunar_results_KMA.pdfpdf 19b_TaeHyeongOh_GK2A_AMI_Lunar_results_KMA.pdf manage 2 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:37 SebastienWagner  
19d_JasonChoi_NOAA_VIIRS_N20_BBR_MTF_v0.pptxpptx 19d_JasonChoi_NOAA_VIIRS_N20_BBR_MTF_v0.pptx manage 3 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:38 SebastienWagner  
19e_CostyLukashin_Workshop_Arcstone_20201119.pdfpdf 19e_CostyLukashin_Workshop_Arcstone_20201119.pdf manage 15 MB 04 Dec 2020 - 09:39 SebastienWagner  
19f_StephenMaxwell_MaunaLoaLUSI_20201119.pdfpdf 19f_StephenMaxwell_MaunaLoaLUSI_20201119.pdf manage 1 MB 17 Dec 2020 - 17:13 SebastienWagner  
19g_SebastienWagner_QuickSummary_LCWS2020.pptxpptx 19g_SebastienWagner_QuickSummary_LCWS2020.pptx manage 3 MB 20 Nov 2020 - 09:57 SebastienWagner  
Agenda LCWS 2020.htmlhtml Agenda LCWS 2020.html manage 22 K 15 Nov 2020 - 15:55 SebastienWagner  
GSICSLunarActivities_Microwave_Memo.pdfpdf GSICSLunarActivities_Microwave_Memo.pdf manage 188 K 09 Mar 2021 - 11:50 SebastienWagner Memo on future work and cooperation with GSICS for Microwave Lunar Calibration
LunarCalibWS_EUMETSAT2020.jpgjpg LunarCalibWS_EUMETSAT2020.jpg manage 170 K 28 Apr 2020 - 08:51 SebastienWagner  
LunarCalibWS_EUMETSAT2020_Banner.jpgjpg LunarCalibWS_EUMETSAT2020_Banner.jpg manage 86 K 28 Apr 2020 - 09:02 SebastienWagner Banner with the organising agencies
Minutes of Lunar Calibration Workshop - November 2020 for distribution.pdfpdf Minutes of Lunar Calibration Workshop - November 2020 for distribution.pdf manage 975 K 18 Jan 2021 - 14:44 SebastienWagner  
Moon_Earth.jpgjpg Moon_Earth.jpg manage 2 MB 28 Apr 2020 - 09:05 SebastienWagner Moon and Earth
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