2018 GSICS Data & Research Working Groups Annual Meeting, Shanghai

Mon am Mini Conference

Chair: Peng Zhang, Minutes: Tim Hewison

8:45 Coffee and Registration

9:00 Peng Zhang/Lei Ding CMA/SITP Welcome address 1a 0:05

9:05 Dohyeong Kim KMA Introduction to Mini Conference & GSICS 1b 0:10

9:15 Peng Zhang CMA Agenda, Announcements, etc 1c 0:10

9:25 Peng Zhang CMA Latest progress of CMA FY-3D and FY-4 satellite 1d 0:20

9:45 Lei Ding SITP Development of SI-traceable Hyperspectral FTIR instrument 1e 0:20

10:05 Qiang Guo CMA FY-4A satellite commissioning latest outcome 1f 0:20

10:25 John Fulbright NOAA (Remote) GOES-16 calibration and validation 1g 0:20

10:45 Zhongdong Yang CMA Post-launch test progress of FY-3D 1h 0:20


Coffee break

11:25 Mitch Goldberg NOAA NOAA-20 Imager/Sounder SDR Maturity and Collaboration with FY3D through GSICS 1i 0:20

11:45 Feng Jiang SITP Solar band SI-traceable demonstration instrument 1j 0:20

12:05 Yanmeng Bi/Zhongdong Yang CMA Tansat/ACGS inflight calibration and validation 1k 0:20

12:25 Dekui Yin/Yipeng Zhang SITP TG-2 Multi-Angle Polarization Imager Calibration and evaluation 1l 0:20

12:45 Lunch Break 1:00

Mon pm Plenary - Reports

Chair: Dohyeong Kim, Minutes: Jin Woo

13:45 All
Round Table Introductions + Logistics Info

14:05 Dohyeong Kim KMA Agree Agenda & Minute Taking 2a 0:10

14:20 Xiuqing Hu CMA CMA Agency Report 2b 0:15

14:40 Philippe Goryl ESA ESA Agency Report 2c 0:15

15:00 Tim Hewison EUMETSAT EUMETSAT Agency Report 2d 0:15

15:20 Ashim Mitra IMD (Remote) IMD Agency Report 2e 0:15

15:40 Munn Shukla ISRO (Remote) ISRO Agency Report 2f 0:15


Coffee break

16:30 Hiroshi Murakami JAXA (Remote) JAXA Agency Report 2g 0:15

16:50 Masaya Takahashi JMA JMA Agency Report 2h 0:15

17:10 Jin Woo KMA KMA Agency Report 2i 0:15

17:30 Xiaoxiong Xiong (Jack) NASA NASA Agency Report 2j 0:15

17:50 Eric Shirley (Jack Xiong) NIST NIST Agency Report 2k 0:15

18:10 Fred Wu NOAA NOAA Agency Report 2l 0:15

18:30 Tom Stone USGS USGS Agency Report 2m 0:15

18:50 Reception 2:00

20:50 END

Tues am Plenary - Reports

Chair: Scott Hu, Minutes: Na Xu and Lin Chen

8:30 Larry Flynn NOAA GCC Report 3a 0:20

8:50 Masaya Takahashi JMA GDWG Report 3b 0:20

9:10 Dohyeong Kim KMA GRWG Report 3c 0:20

9:30 Tim Hewison EUMETSAT GRWG IR Sub-Group Briefing Report 3d 0:20

9:50 Dave Doelling NASA GRWG VIS-NIR Sub-Group Briefing Report 3e 0:20


Coffee break

10:40 Rose Munro EUMETSAT GRWG UV Sub-Group Briefing Report 3f 0:20

11:00 Ralph Ferraro NOAA GRWG Microwave Sub-Group Briefing Report 3g 0:20

11:20 All
Discussion 3h 0:20

11:40 Lunch Break 1:00

Tues pm Plenary Briefings

Chair: Dohyeong Kim, Minutes: Jin Woo

12:40 Qiang Guo CMA The early calibration results of FY-4A/AGRI during in-orbit testing 3i 0:20

13:00 Fred Wu NOAA Advanced next-gen GEO imagers - GOES-16 3j 0:20

13:20 Likun Wang NOAA Affiliate NOAA-20 CrIS calibration status and preliminary differences between SNPP and NOAA-20 CrIS 3k 0:20

13:40 Tim Hewison EUMETSAT Dealing with Multiple References: NRTC & FCDR + Fiduceo Feedback 3l 0:30

14:10 Masaya Takahashi JMA GEO-GEO benefits and RGB Composites 3m 0:20


Coffee break

15:00 Rob Roebeling EUMETSAT (Remote) GEO-Ring: SCOPE-CM IOGEO 3n 0:20

15:20 Viju John EUMETSAT (Remote) FIDUCEO update 3o 0:20

15:40 Frank Ruethrich EUMETSAT (Remote) FIDUCEO inter-calibration requirements and formats 3p 0:20

16:00 SITP Tour + Dinner 2:00

18:00 END

Wed am GRWG: IR Sub-Group
Wed am GDWG

GEO IR Imagers - Chair: Tim Hewison, Minutes: Dorothee Coppens

Chair: Masaya Takahashi, Minutes: Peter Miu

8:30 Tim Hewison EUMETSAT Introduction to IR Sub-Group 4a 0:10
9:00 Masaya Takahashi JMA Round Table Introduction + GDWG Actions Review 5a 0:40

8:40 All 5min ea - GEO-LEO IR Product Progress 4b 0:30
9:40 Jin Woo KMA GDWG Baseline Reviews - website, products metadata and structures 5b 0:40

9:10 Yusuke Yogo JMA - GEO-GEO comparisons 4c 0:20
10:20 Peter Miu EUMETSAT GSICS Collaboration GSICS servers, configuration, products meta-data pages and data access services. 5c 0:40

9:30 Hui Xu/Likun Wang Univ. of Mayland/NOAA Affiliate - CrIS Gap Filling toward Improving Inter-calibration Accuracy 4d 0:20

9:50 Likun Wang NOAA Affiliate - Vector-based Fast and Accurate Collocation Method for GEO and LEO instruments 4f 0:20

Coffee break


Coffee Break
11:30 Zhe "Thomas" Xu CMA Current status of CMA GSICS Collaboration Server THREDDS) 5d 0:30

10:40 IR Sounders - Chair: Tim Hewison, Minutes: Dorothee Coppens


10:40 Xuan Feng CMA Early calibration results of FY-4A/GIIRS during in-orbit testing 4g 0:20


11:00 Hanlie Xu CMA GIIRS and HIRAS Hyperspectral instrument evaluation for FY-4A and FY-3D 4h 0:20

11:20 Na Xu CMA Inflight SRF retrieval based on hyperspectral reference instrument 4i 0:20


LEO IR Imagers

11:40 Tim Hewison EUM - SLSTR-IASI 4j 0:20

12:00 Jack Xiong NASA - VIIRS/MODIS 4k 0:20

12:20 Lunch Break 1:00
12:00 Lunch Break 1:00

Wed pm GRWG: IR Sub-Group
Wed pm GDWG
Wed pm GRWG: UV Sub-Group

Reference Migration - Chair: Tim Hewison, Minutes: Dorothee Coppens

Chair: Peter Miu, Minutes: Masaya Takahashi

Chair : Larry Flynn, Minutes: Yuan Li

13:20 Chengli Qi/ Chunqiang Wu/ Minjian Gu CMA - HIRAS calibration algorithm and uncertainty budget & non-linearity 4l 0:20
13:00 Masaya Takahashi JMA Updating GSICS Plotting Tool to support VIS/NIR products 5g 1:30
13:00 Guanyu Lin CIOFMP/CAS The technology of a new generation of Ultraviolet Hyperspectral sensors for detecting global ozone profiles 6a 0:20

13:40 Hank Revercomb SSEC - IASI-A/B comparisons before/after the nonlinearity change 4m 0:20
14:30 Jin Woo KMA Use of GitHub for GSICS developments 5h 1:00
13:20 Yongmei Wang NSSC/CAS The successor of the Total Ozone Unit (TOU) 6b 0:20

14:00 Dorothee Coppens EUM - Roll-out changes to IASI Processing 4n 0:20

13:40 Houmao Wang NSSC/CAS FY-3/TOU intercalibration with GOME-2 and OMPS for solar diffuser correction 6c 0:20

14:20 Hank Revercomb SSEC Calibration status of NOAA20 CrIS and intercalibration 4o 0:30

14:00 Weihe Wang CMA In-orbit calibration for FY-3C/TOU 6d 0:20

14:50 Authors 5min ea - IRRefUTable Report 4p 0:40

Coffee break
14:20 Larry Flynn NOAA Report on the NOAA-20 OMPS 6e 0:20

15:30 Tim + Rob EUM - Scoring with Oscar + Dealing with Change 4q 0:30

14:40 Coffee break 0:30


Coffee Break
16:00 Rob Roebeling EUMETSAT (Remote) Event logging 5j 0:30
15:10 Mina Kang EWU Comparison among Reference Solar Spectra using TROPOMI Solar Measurements 6f 0:20

16:30 Likun Wang NOAA Affiliate Best Practice for Hyperspectral IR Sounder SDR ground processing 4r 0:30

15:30 Larry Flynn NOAA Update on Three GSICS UV Projects: Solar, Reflectivity and Residuals 6g 0:20

17:00 Tim Trent U. Leicester
Inter-calibration Algorithm Evolution 4t 0:20

15:50 END

17:20 Likun+Tim NOAA Affiliate/EUM IR Sub-Group activities & leaders 4v 0:40
16:30 END

18:00 END

Thurs am GRWG: VIS/NIR Sub-Group
Thurs am GDWG

Chair: Tom Stone, Minutes: Tim Hewison

Chair: Peter Miu, Minutes: Masaya Takahashi

8:30 Tom Stone USGS Outcome of the Lunar calibration workshop 7a 0:20

8:50 Yang Wang CMA Lunar model validation using ground-based hyperspectral measurement 7b 0:20
8:30 Manik Bali NOAA Affiliate Action tracking and GSICS Wiki Updates 8a 1:00

9:10 Ronghua Wu CMA Interband calibration for atmosphere absorption bands based on Lunar observation 7c 0:20
9:30 Lin Chen CMA Requirements on the GDWG activities - feedback from CMA GRWG members or satellite data users at CMA 8b 0:20

9:30 Lu Zhang CMA Lunar Simultaneous observation intercomparison from FY-3D and ground-base 7d 0:20
9:50 Di Xian CMA Introduction to Fengyun Satellite Data Center 8c 0:20


Coffee break

Coffee break

10:20 Tom Stone USGS Update on the GIRO benchmark 7f 0:20
10:40 Yuan Li CMA Introduction to Instrument Performance Monitoring 8d 0:20

10:40 Kibeom Ahn KIOST GOCI-II lunar calibration and MTF plan 7g 0:20
11:00 Ninghai Sun NOAA Introduction to ICVS 8f 0:30

11:00 Fred Wu NOAA Lunar MTF 7h 0:20
11:30 Masaya Takahashi JMA Drafting Requirements to Instrument Performance Monitoring System 8e 0:30

11:20 All
Discussion 7i 0:20

11:40 Lunch Break 1:00
12:00 Lunch Break 1:00

Thurs pm GRWG: VIS/NIR Sub-Group
Thurs pm GDWG
Thu pm GRWG: MW Sub-Group

Chair: Dave Doelling, Minutes: Fred Wu

Chair: Masaya Takahashi, Minutes: Peter Miu

Chair : Ralph Ferraro, Minutes: Likun Wang

12:40 Ronghua Wu CMA Tansat/CAPI calibration and evaluation 7j 0:20
13:00 Peter Miu EUMETSAT Lessons learned of using DOI/OID at EUMETSAT 8g 0:30
13:00 Ralph Ferraro NOAA Introduction and Action Item/Discussion 9a 0:30

13:00 Ling Wang CMA Consistent calibration of VIRRs onboard on FY-3A to 3C 7k 0:20
13:30 Peter Miu EUMETSAT ToR - GDWG Chairing 8h 0:30
13:30 Shenli Wu CMA Development of FY-3/MWRI Calibration on warm/cold targets and reflector emissivity 9b 0:20

13:20 Xiuqing Hu / Na Xu CMA FY-3D/MERSI-II calibration/validation 7m 0:20

Coffee break
13:50 Yang Guo CMA Calibration and validation of Microwave Humidity Sounder onboard FY-3D satellite 9c 0:20

13:40 LingWang CMA Calibration monitoring based on Tibet glaciers 7n 0:20
14:30 Masaya Takahashi JMA Drafting a template for each agency's GSICS Annual Report 8j 0:30
14:10 Hao Liu NSSC Consideration of the on-board calibration of interferometric synthetic aperture microwave radiometer, 9d 0:20


Coffee break
15:00 Masaya Takahashi JMA GDWG fact sheet - information presentation 8k 0:30
14:30 Xiaolong Dong NSSC Development and Standardization of the Guidelines for Prelaunch Calibration of Microwave Sensors - Activities of the CEOS WGCV 9e 12/31/99 12:20 AM

14:30 Yuan Li CMA New BRDF Model in Dunhuang field campaign for Vicarious calibration/validation 7o 0:20
15:30 All All Wrap-up: Plan activities for 2018/2019 8l 1:00
14:50 Ninghai Sun NOAA Affiliate ATMS SDR NOAA-20 and NPP ATMS calibration update 9f 0:20

14:50 Jack Xiong NASA Status of Terra/Aqua-MODIS and NPP/J1-VIIRS 7p 0:20

15:10 Coffee break

15:10 Ben Scarino NASA Update on the NASA-Langley SBAF tool 7q 0:20
16:30 END
15:30 Ralph Ferraro NOAA Introduction: Radio Occultation as a MW standard/calibration source 9g 0:10

15:30 Dave Doelling NASA VIIRS to MODIS reflective solar band scaling 7r 0:20

15:40 Lin Lin NOAA Affiliate Bias Characterization for Five-year Reprocessed S-NPP ATMS Data Using RO Data from COSMIC, MetOp-A/-B and KOMPSAT 9h 0:15


Coffee break

15:55 All
RO Discussion 9i 0:30

16:20 Yusuke Yogo JMA AHI Rayleigh Scattering with MODIS 7s 0:20

16:25 Scott Hu CMA Use of FY-3C/GNOS Data for Assessing the
on-orbit Performance of Microwave
Sounding Instruments
9j 0:15

16:40 Bertrand Fougnie EUMETSAT (Remote) Calibration over Rayleigh Scattering – Needs and Open Questions 7t 0:20

16:40 Manik Bali NOAA Affiliate Proposed best practices for Monitoring Microwave Instruments 9k 0:30

17:00 Dohyeong Kim KMA KMA DCC calibration status 7u 0:10

17:10 Ralph Ferraro NOAA NASA GPM X-Cal Updates (provided by Wes Berg and Rachel Kroodsma) 9l 0:20

17:10 Dave Doelling NASA Discussion: GSICS calibration paper, GSICS CLARREO PATHFINDER requirements, web meeting agenda 7v 0:30

17:30 Manik Bali NOAA Affiliate GRUAN (Provided by Tony Reale) 9m 0:30

17:40 END

18:00 END

Fri am Plenary - Briefs and De-briefs

Chair : Larry Flynn, Minutes: Ralph Ferraro

8:30 Xiuqing Hu, Lei Ding CMA A potential workshop of best practices for pre-launch instrument characteristics 10e 0:20

8:50 Tom Stone USGS CLARREO Pathfinder Inter-calibration: Requirements and Objectives 10f 0:20

9:10 Scott Hu CMA Traceable Hyperspectral Reference Workshop 10g 0:20

9:30 Bruce Wielicki NASA
Role of inter-calibration in the future climate monitoring system (GCOS v2) 10j 0:30


Coffee break

10:30 Masaya Takahashi JMA Drafting a template for each agency's GSICS Annual Report 10a 0:30

11:00 Dohyeong Kim KMA Performance monitoring requirements 10b 0:30

11:30 Tim / Masaya EUMETSAT/JMA Requirements for GSICS Plotting Tool and implementation plan 10c 0:30

12:00 Larry Flynn NOAA Updates of Action Tracking Tool 10d 0:10

12:10 Lunch Break 1:00

Fri pm Plenary - Wrap-up

Chair: Tim Hewison, Minutes: Peter Miu

13:10 Masaya Takahashi JMA GDWG Summary & Agree Actions 10h 0:20

13:30 Dohyeong Kim KMA GRWG Summary & Agree Actions 10i 0:30

14:00 Larry Flynn NOAA Future GSICS Users Workshops (the next one planned is to take place at ITSC in 2019) 10k 0:20

14:20 Dohyeong Kim KMA GRWG and sub-group Chairing 10l 0:20

14:40 All
Topics & Chairing next Web Meetings 10m 0:20

15:00 All
Date & Place of Next WG Meetings 10n 0:20

15:20 All
Any Other Business 10o 0:20

15:40 END